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JaxH3 Jax Urban H3: Rebirth of Blue

02/26 06:30 PM

A JaxH3 Trail

Cost: $5


Bearly Blue



This Friday! FRIDAY! FRIDAY!!!!! ... plays Ecstasy of Gold... Returning fresh from the Land of the Rising Sun, still moist from the Yellow Sea, His Debaucherousness, the one born from the loins of New Orleans H3, nursed at the tit of the Voodoo H3, christened by the Crescent Shiggy H3, Road Whorier of the South, Party Favor to the Panhandle Cossacks, Exile to Aloha H3, Usurper of the Yoko-Yoko H3, infamous ultra hare, Father of Falcons, the Unburnt, the Gaijira of Kurihama, the one and only Bearly Blue is haring the return of Jax Urban Hash House Harriers!!!!

Start: 81 E Coastline Dr. Parking
30.3240833, -81.6575230
Cost: $0.00 You cheap bastards. BYOS
Show: 1830
GO: 1900

About Trail: I'm told you prefer <5 mile trails and I will comply for I am a merciful god.
THERE WILL BE, Danger Can stops, OTF shot checks, naughty checks, song checks, tit/package checks, and very possibly my own LayLows.

Don't know what those are? Well come out Friday night and you'll find out!!!!

Serving you with pleasure since 2012,

Bearly Blue

Thirst, headlamps prefererably with red not white lights, virgins, vessels, designated driver, breathalyzer,

Location Details

81 E Coastline Drive Parking, Jax, FL

Bay Street Bar and Grille

119 E Bay St, Jacksonville, FL 32202

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