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Jacksonville H3

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Jacksonville H3

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JaxH3 Jax Urban H3: Old School Urban Shiggy White Flour Springfield

04/09 06:45 PM

A JaxH3 Trail

Cost: $5


Redwing Hoover



JaxUrbanH3 Ol School Urban Shiggy White Flour Springfield Trail

Hare: Redwing Hoover & maybe a mystery hare

Start: 157 E 8th Street (in the back parking lot)(It’s Jacksonville Tattoo and Piercing)(Great business, I highly recommend it; check out my back piece)

Trail Deets: Don’t know yet. But based on how slow and fat I am, probably gonna be a fatboy trail. Depends if I can get a young whippersnapper to co-hare with me. Lots of urban shiggy. Not a lot of regular shiggy. Probably about 3 miles. Dry bag probably not needed, but you never know….

Hash Cash: $5.

What to bring: Hash Attire; whistles; thirst; pleasant attitude; virgins; headlights; keen insight into violations of hash traditions…; let’s see, what else??? Oh yeah…. Loose women! We really need to step up out game on the loose women. I mean, the ones we got are great and all that, but they’re like jello; there’s always room for more.

So… cum on out. Have fun with us this Friday night.

On After: Hyperion Brewing Co is right around the corner. Should be a great place to on after.

Wanted: Beer Truck Driver

I have a position for one beer truck driver this Friday~! If interested in the position, send CV and any personal references you may have for such an important job to me right away. Aqua has decided she wants to do trail.

Start Location Details

Parking in back of Jax Tattoo and Piercing

157 E 8th St, Jacksonville, FL 32206-3703

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