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Jacksonville H3

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JaxH3 #1286: Slothing Around

08/10 06:45 PM

A JaxH3 Trail

Cost: $7


All Taintz Matter - ATM & Jokers Lil Squeak Toy



OK wankers here's the fat boy trail you all have been waiting for, in honor of National Lazy Day we will have a fatboy trail around my hood. Your Harriett and Hare for this lazy trail will be the ever lovely Joker's Little Squeak Toy and myself the almighty but lazy ATM. Prizes will be a plenty and the golden nectar will flow heavy. In place of a prelube or on after we will host you wankers and yes actually feed you burgers and dogs. Bring any snacks you may want to contribute to this feast of meats. Also bring a swimsuit and towel as the pool is open for business. The ATM would also like to remind you that hash cash is now $7.

National Lazy Day

Bathing suit, towel, hash cash

Public Event

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