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JaxH3 #1218 Goodbye Mayport Townhouse

03/10 06:45 PM

A JaxH3 Trail

Cost: $6


Five bucks, she falls off the cooler



Cum one cum all as we say good bye to the good times that have been had at my lovely mayport townhouse. We shall galavant thru Atlantic beach the only way we know how and have a great time doing it.

This will be a fat girl trail with a fun raffle after to help support our dear friend Vicky from svr who recently lost her husband. Matty Matt was very dear to a lot of us and they hosted us on many occasions for events and other things. I will be raffling off anything drink wise that is unopen.. please feel free to bring a donation for the raffle. Can be anything non premium (box of wine to a glass set) or premium (for example I got a bottle of crown peach and it comes with a crown royal whiskey glass and sybian has offered to make a donation and kink, stink and ink as well)... all proceeds from the raffle will be sent to JAG (she is sending our donations to svr for Vicky) and will be a donation from jax h3.

Tickets for raffle are 2 for $5.. minimum 2 please.

2 parts to the raffle premium and non premium.
Please feel free to ask any questions.

Flesh lites, Whistles, Bones, Hash attire, Monies for the hab lady, Monies for EC, ID, And some other stuff I’m sure

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California Pussy Reject

Jacksonville H3