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JaxH3 #1217 Florida's Birthday Trail

03/03 06:45 PM

A JaxH3 Trail

Cost: $6


Butt Nutt


Cum celebrate Florida’s birthday! Today in history in the year of 1845 on the day of March 3rd Florida became a state!

Your hare for this birthday celebration will be Butt Nutt and maybe a mystery co-hare...Trail will be under 2 miles. Bring a virgin out for this event. Very little shiggy planned for this event. There will be food in a fire at the end!

Admitted as a State. After the end of the Indian war, many persons came to make their homes in Florida, towns grew, and people began to think that it was time for the Territory to become a State. They wanted to be able to elect their governor, to send senators and representatives to Congress, to take part in electing the President, and to enjoy many other privileges not allowed a Territory.

Some thought Florida should be divided into two States, East Florida and West Florida, while others thought it should not be divided. Finally Congress agreed that Florida should come into the Union as one State, and the bill was signed by President Tyler, March 3, 1845. It is Florida’s Birthday!

Whistles, Fleshlights, virgins, bones

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California Pussy Reject

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