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JaxBeachH3 July 4th Bike Crawl & Dick on a Stick PC 2023

07/01 10:00 AM to 07/05 10:00 AM

A JaxBeachH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: Free/Pay as you go


This is the Jax Beach H3 anal DOAS and July 4th blow out. The **schedule of events is:

Saturday July 1st: Morning Sloshball then evening trail, hosted by Jax Urban, Hash Cash TBD

Sunday July 2nd: Dick On A Stick Hawaiian shirt and flip flop pub crawl to commemorate our fellow hasher, Jay Pafias "Dick On A Stick" who unexpectedly passed in 2006. Hash Cash TBD

Monday July 3rd: Beach Day! Enjoy LABIA (Life's A Beach, it's Awesome) on the beach and an evening cook-out. Hash Cash TBD

Tuesday July 4th: Jax Beach anal bicycle bar crawl - Pay As You Go

Wednesday July 5th: Morning GTFO and go back to your regular life.

Crash space: Contact event organizers, your friends here for availability, and Hare BnB on Facebook. We'll check out hotel pricing/options and post later. For larger groups consider your group splitting a hotel or an Airbnb. All events will be at the beach.
July 4th at the beach is VERY busy so plan accordingly.

** events are currently "a la carte" and details will be provided when we figure out our shit. Remember - this is a Save The Date and will be updated throughout the months.

Watch for the individual events posted in the Jax Beach H3 Facebook Events tab, too!

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