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It's Always Hashy in Philadelphia 2018

11/08 07:30 PM

A Hash Weekend

Cost: $69*


It's Always Hashing in Philadelphia!

Join us for Philly’s ONE and ONLY annual event (and maybe shed a tear for the end of the green dress run's 17 year run), set in the heart of the City of Brotherly Love. Get some more use out of that Halloween costume. Come on one last epic hash weekend before you have to see your family for Thanksgiving. Or, continue the bender you're currently on from the summer!

Your rego includes:
• FIVE (5) themes to which you'll get to wear different costumes!
• FOUR (4) days of trails and hashpitality!
• THREE (3) hours of open bar and food!
• TWO (2) days of different gimmies
• ONE (1) epic weekend of drunken debauchery which would make even Ben Franklin himself blush

(also all the typical stuff you've come to expect from a Philly weekend: post trail dancing and drinking, food, toe tag, etc)

*2018 gimmie only guaranteed for regos paid by October 15th!

Regos start at $69, then increase. Walk ups will be $100.

It's Always Hashy in Philadelphia! (See each day for theme)

Location Details


1302 Walnut St, Philadelphia PA

Voyeur Nightclub

1221 Saint James St, Philadelphia PA

Holiday Inn Express

We're working on a deal for a hash hotel, but for now, the Holiday Inn Express has treated us well and is located right in the center of all the action! Book there and, if we get a better deal, you can cancel and take advantage of our rate!

1305 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Schedule of Events

Have an evening with the Ben Franklin Mob. Hash cash $10

Theme TBA

The Gang Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass

Early risers (the term is relative) will be treated to a bar crawl (on your own) to see the sights of Philadelphia, hosted by the Yacht Club H3.

The Gang Gets World Cup Fever

The Philly Full Moon will set you on a trail (or walkers/bar crawl) through South Philly! Hash cash is included if you rego by September 30th!

Hash cash: $10
Bar crawl on your own

We are working on an afterparty add-on option for the overachievers out there. We hear it will be a ball!

The Gang Does Vegas

This is what you've come to expect from a Philly Hash Weekend! While this is a totally new event, we think you could wear a dress on this day, if you so choose. Or be a degenerate gambler. Or the degenerate version of you. Or, you know, you.

Brunch on your own, or with Best Life H3 @ 11:30am! Details to follow.

Registration will start around 2pm, with trail around 3pm. Multiple drink checks. Dancing. Much rejoicing. Admission to a nightclub for an afterparty to be included in your Rego!

The Gang Beats Boggs

Yet another epic Philly Fatboy Trail, hosted by the Liberty Bell H3!

Bar crawl on your own, but there will be special hab for registered attendees!

Public Event

39 Hashers cumming:

3-Way Stop

Ben Franklin Mob H3


Ben Franklin Mob H3

Baaa! Ram Him

Ben Franklin Mob H3

Cause for Blindness

Ben Franklin Mob H3
I bitch, therefore I am.

Cooter Webs

Voodoo Hash Hash Harriers

Cum Peg Me

Everyday Is Wednesday H3

Donald Dick

Yacht Club H3

E = I'm A Douche

Benjamin Pepper

Everything Butt Sex

Ben Franklin Mob H3
I have come here to ch...

Fire in my hOle

Harrisburg-Hershey Hash House Harriers

Jewels of duh Nile

Hockessin H3
You know you want me;)

Liquor Box

Lehigh Valley Hash House Harriers


New Haven H3

Maybe It's Gaybelline

Everyday Is Wednesday H3

Not In My Hair

Ben Franklin Mob H3

Orange is the New Snatch

DC Road Whores

Pump House Sperm Filter

Charlotte Hash House Harriers

Seven Queer Stitch

White House H3
H3 means family.

Slothy Seconds

Ben Franklin Mob H3
Always slothy, never s...

Spunk Monkey

DC Road Whores
I'm not Grassy, or am I?

Stain Gretzky

Everyday Is Wednesday H3

Third Man In

SMUTTy Crab Hash House Harriers

Titty Titty Touch Me

Carolina Larrikins H3


(IH3 Ithaca)

Gaelic Pasties

(Blooming Fools H3)

Jewel of duh Nile

(Hockessin H3)

Just Kelli


Magically Delicious


Road Head


Spare My Finger is loved


Sphincter Grease

(Wandering Whore H3)

Statutory Consent


The Great Gashby

(IH3 Ithaca)



Twat My Mom

(Boston H3)


(Space Unicorn H3)

Willy Wonka & the Backdoor Factory

(Boston H3)