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Cumboy Wonder


It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses.

IH3 Carnal Carnival 2023

08/25 03:00 PM to 08/27 12:00 PM

A IH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $140

08/25 03:00 PM to 08/27 12:00 PM
An IH3 Hash Weekend

NOTE: Once you've registered, please send $140 paypal directly to santrie@aol.com or Venmo @cumboywonder69 PLEASE USE THE "FRIENDS & FAMILY" OPTION. Once paid, please send cumboywonder69@gmail.com your transaction id and that loser will mark you paid. Wanna send a check? Let us know.

The safety of the campers is top priority to IH3 Mismanagement. Please be aware of the following safety notices.

Driving- Once you park plan not to be driving your vehicle again until Sunday. Please follow the directions of the Parking team. The Concrete pad is for camper and RV parking only-cars will be asked to move-so do not park there.

COVID, if you are under Quarantine, test positive, or are sick Do Not Attend!!

Plan to bring some Cash...there is very limited cell service!
Hab Sales: Feel Free to bring your kennel’s habadashery to set up and sell. Hab Sales will be set up at the Mess Hall.

So you are still confused about what to wear & when? It is a Carnal Carnival theme-something with whips etc....

Tents is the primary accommodation-bring your own and pack it with stuff.

Campers and RV's-Fine-we have a spot-don't bring in enormous vehicles that get stuck please. See the parking attendants at the REGO Table if you are bringing in an RV/Camper-we will tell you where you can park.

Cabins will be first come first served. Contact Mismanagement if you want a cabin. They are limited. Bring your own camp mattress and sleeping bag or linens.

Dogs-seriously can't you leave them home for a couple days???? Well socialized dogs with super responsible owners will be allowed. We do not want to step in dog shit! Problems with the mutt and we will ask that it is confined or removed. NOTE!!!!!! Bring an animal and you must sign a waiver at the REGO table. We had to sign one for Floss so don't get pissed that we asked!

Any Rego past July 15th is not guaranteed whatever awesome habby we decide to get. So REGO already!

Grapes of Gashby Wine hour!!!! Bring a bottle of your favorite wine to share.

Carnal Carnival

Bring a VESSEL!! All Bedding if you are in a cabin, air mattresses are recommended. Towels, flash lights, bug spray, camp chair, whatever you bring when you camp! Warm clothing and rain gear, just in case! DEET AND MORE DEET. TICKS.

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Schedule of Events

3pm - 6pm Rego is open
4pm - 6pm Hab Sales
5pm - 6pm Grapes of Gash Wine Hour
7pm - 8:30pm Dinner
9pm - 10pm Cabin Crawl
9pm - 1am Pants off Dance Off

8am - 10am Breakfast/Registration
8am -10am Hab Sales in the Mess Hall
10:30am Circle up-Chalk Talk and then Trail
1pm - 1:30pm Hash Yoga-bring your yoga mat
1pm - 2:30pm Lunch
3pm - 5pm Hash Olympdicks, Circle, accusations, awards etc.
6:30pm - 8pm Dinner
8pm - 1pm Pants off Dance Off
12pm UUUUUUGH! (Naked Run)

8am-10am Grab and Go!
10am- Fat Boy Crawl
12pm- Camp Departure –GTFO or HELP CLEAN UP CAMP

Public Event

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