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HV_H3 Not Your Average Buffett 2022

09/30 02:00 PM to 10/02 11:00 AM

A HV_H3 Hash Campout

Cost: $99



It's that time of year...oh what's that, this isn't when Buffett normally is? Whoops. Join us as we head back to the lovely Rod and Gun club where the fresh early autumn air will bring life back into our very drunk bodies.

We will have food
We will have games
We will have trail
We will have BEER
What else could you ask for?!

Your dignity will already be gone from all of the other campouts this year, so leave what little you have left at home. We don't want it here.

Your rego will get you:
All things mentioned above
Amazing Prizes
Fire pit
Covered pavilion in case it rains

If you joined us last year, we're excited to have you back! If you are joining us for the first time this year, we can't wait to meet you!

Hard liquor is available for purchase via cash. Since the venue has a liquor license, please do NOT bring your own, we don't want to jeopardize their license and run the risk of not being allowed back.

Send payment to My Little Panties via venmo @Jessica-Horonzy

<3 your miswomen,
My Little Panties
Orgasm Banshee
Loud Ass Fuck

Field Day

Tent, sleeping bag, pillow, clothing (if you must), snacks if you want 'em, good attitude, desire to drink beer and hang out with good people.

Start Location Details

Millers Falls Rod & Gun Club

210 Turners Falls Rd, Turners Falls, MA 01376

Schedule of Events

2pm check in
3pm Kegs are tapped
6pm Dinner
9pm Strippy cup, Drink Ball & Beer Pong
10pm Dance party
12pm UGH

8am Breakfast
12pm Trail
1pm Lunch
3pm Field Games
6pm Dinner
9pm Strippy cup, Drink Ball & Beer Pong
10pm Dance party
12pm UGH

8am Breakfast
9am Turkey Shoot
10am Fat Boy trail
11am GTFO

Public Event

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Big Piles


Nine Second Swallow


Damp Cake

Happy Valley H3
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Sperm Burpin’ Shorty

(THCH3 )

Orgasm Banshee

Happy Valley H3

Hoover McSuck n Fuck


Shitty assgasm


My Little Panties

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