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Long story short... what were we talking about?

HV_H3 Monty Buffet and the Search for the Holy Ale 2023

08/18 07:21 PM to 08/20 07:36 PM

A HV_H3 Hash Campout

Cost: $115

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome one and all to the Happy Valley H3 Campout!

Bring out your thirst and get ready for the first campout with guest stars Northboro H3!

"We apologize for the drunken mishaps through the year, the misman in charge of sacking the last misman has just been sacked."

Are you ready for nerdy fun, followed by field day shenanigans, and one hell of a shitty trail, laid by two GMs? Then stop your gawking and rego already!!

3PM - Gates open, show up earlier and you'll be put to work... you were warned
6 PM - Dinner
9 PM - Monty Python themed Shot Crawl, dare ye face the blackout knight?!
Rest of the night - DJ for a pants off, dance off
Midnight - UGGGGGGGH

8....ish? breakfast
11am - Trail hared by Arachnoshartia and VulvaSoreAss, you were warned.
2..ish? Lunch and Circle
The rest of the afternoon -FIIIIIIIIELD DAY! featuring NH3, and slip and die... thank you Ithaca, iykyk
7...ish - Dinner
Evening - Drink ball/strippy cup/drinking games and back by popular choice.... KARAOKE.

8....ish breakfast
FATBOOOOY?.... maybe?

FOR REFERENCE!!!! The Gun Club has its own liqour license, booze can be purchased at the bar throughout the day if you dont want any of the beer! DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN CLEARLY VISIBLE BOOZE!

Send your Venmo to @kyle-horonzy make sure to include! Nerd name, Hash Name and include Buffet!

Send your paypal to makai1104@gmail.com make sure to include! Nerd name, Hash name, and include buffet!

SEND AS FRIENDS AND FAMILY! we are your friends.... and your family.... don't tax us.

Start Location Details

The Miller's Fall Rod & Gun Club

210R Turners Falls Road, Montague, MA 01351

Public Event

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