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Hot Mess Hash 4

06/26 12:00 PM

A Trail

Cost: $20


Numb Nuts



It's time for our 4th Annual Hot Mess Hash. Once again we're running it on a Saturday at Noon.

The low, low rego price of $20 gets you beer, a T-shirt, beer, shiggy, beer, and quite possibly shenanigans if not sticky burrs in tender places. Also: there will be food at on-after.

Must register in advance (i.e., by 11:59pm on June 6) to get a shirt -- please specify shirt size when you do.

While we welcome walkups, a shirt isn't guaranteed (and price is still $20).

Best way to register is right here.

Best way to pay is use the (at)Twintitties Venmo account.

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