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Hockessin H3 Anal Crab Hash

09/29 03:00 PM

A Hockessin Trail

Cost: $45*


Wierd Al Spanks a Bitch, Wishboneher and many others



Hockessin Hash Anual Crab Hash!!!
So what do you get for your money?
Crabs! Beer! More Crabs! More Beer!
Trail - through virgin Hash territory
Circle shenanigans w/beer.
Food not just Crabs. There will be sides, vegan options, other options for those who can’t do crustations.
Live Band ( weather permitting)
Games - oh did I mention Beer, Jell-O shots, and wine.
Did I mention there is a beach?

What how are you getting home after this day of glutney?
Tent camping is available for the night. - let us know your staying.
And if you good we will feed you in the morning before Clean up.

Dry bag, swim suit, chair, beach towel, bug spray, the usual hash shit.

Location Details

2 Florida Ave, Earlville MD 21919

2 Florida Ave Earlville MD 21919

2 Florida Ave, Earlville MD 21919

Tent camping on site

Please let us know if you are camping so we can plan for Sunday

Schedule of Events

Check in starts at 12 noon
Start setting up your tents
12-3 enjoy refreshments games
3pm circle up
3:30pm pack off

Closing circle
Bon fire
Adult Games and Entertainment

Sunday morning
8am breakfast
Then break down and clean up
All out by Noon

Public Event

50 Hashers came:

Brag a Deer General

McGuire Dix Lakehurst Hash House Harriers

Cause for Blindness

Ben Franklin Mob H3
I bitch, therefore I am.

Circle Jerk

Hockessin H3

Dirty Wet Pussy

Hockessin H3

Do Me on the Beach

Hockessin H3

dwarfus interruptus

Teddy's Rough Riders Hares & Hounds
Confused As A Baby In ...

Free 2 Lay


Jewels of duh Nile

Hockessin H3
You know you want me;)

Nocturnal Mission

Ft Eustis
Hash Flash!

Parrot Head

Philadelphia Hash House Harriers

2 Buck Fuck




Back Door Deposit




Bumpy Beaver

(Hockessin H3)

Bunion Butt

(Hockessin H3)

Butthead (paid to Wishboner 8/22/18)


Gives It Away



(Hockessin H3)

Hare Today cum Tomorrow

(Hockessin H3)

Just Andrea


Just Gina


Lick Stick


Lost Penis

(Hockessin H3)





Mary Fucking Poppins


Mount Me




Night Deposit


Orgy Cycle




Pickle dick







(Hockessin H3)

Sandy Penis

(Hockessin H3)

Sex Toy Story

(Omaha H3, MidWest...)

Shit Out of Luck



(Hockessin H3)


(Hockessin H3)

Spit Bucket

(Hockessin H3)

Tinkle Tinkle little Tart

(SPOT, H5)

Tinsel Tits

(Hockessin H3)

Tour de Puke


Up Piss Creek

(Hockessin H3)

Webelo Scout


Weird Al Spank the Bitch


Wet Lay

(Hockessin H3)