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Hockessin 25th H3 Crab Hash 2021

09/11 03:00 PM

A Crab Hash event hosted by Hockessin

Cost: $50


2 Buck Fuck, Dirty Wet Pussy,GIA, Wishboneher,


Hockessin Hash Campout
Camping available, tent set-up on Saturday (09/11/2021) at Noon
Gather for trail at 2:30, pack off at 3:00!

If you do not want crabs, please specify in your Rego!

Stuff to Bring:
Chair, camping equipment if you are camping, and any other stuff you would normally bring to a Hash
Cost: $50

2 Buck Fuck, GIA, Dirty Wet Pussy, Wishbonher and many others

09/11 3:00 PM

So what do you get for your money?
Crabs! Beer! More Crabs! More Beer!
Trail -
Circle shenanigans w/beer.
Food not just Crabs. There will be sides, vegan options, other options for those who can’t do crustations.
Games - oh did I mention Beer, Jell-O shots, and wine.

What how are you getting home after this day of glutney?
Tent camping is available for the night. - let us know your staying.
And if you good we will feed you in the morning before Clean up.

Question: text DWP 302-753-5162


Chair, dry bag, bug spray, tent, vessel, any other hash crap you think you may need.

Location Details

Watch for marked Mailbox. House is set back in the trees.

645 Mckinneytown Road Elkton MD 21921

645 Mckinneytown Road Elkton MD 21921

645 Mckinneytown Road Elkton MD 21921

At Event location

Please let us know if your staying the night.

Schedule of Events

check in for camping. 12:00 noon
Circle up. 2:30PM
Pack off. 3:00PM
Closing circle. Approximately. 5:30 ish
Followed by
Food, games, fire pit, and other shenanigans.

Wake up when ever
Breakfast 8:00AM
Clean up. 10:00 AM ( when you get moving)
Everyone Out By. Noon.

Public Event

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24 Hashers came


Just Matt

(Hockessin H3)

Wing Nuts

(Philly Geriatric)

Mary Fucking Poppins

(This one)

Dirty Wet Pussy

Hockessin H3

Parrot Head

Philadelphia Hash House Harriers

Just Liza


Professor Cowabunghole




Kitchen Bitch

(Hockessin H3)

Brag a Deer General

Jersey Devil Hash House Harriers





Queen Pissanya


Do me on the Beach

(Hockessin H3)

Pokemon Ho


High Speed Cock Bumper

Tidewater H3
Portland 2015

Runner Girl

Taco Tuesday H3



Circle Jerk

(Hockessin H3)

Cause for Blindness

Ben Franklin Mob H3
I bitch, therefore I am.

Just Tammy

(Hockessin H3)

Lost Penis