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11/25 01:00 PM

A Turkey Bowl event hosted by HOBO

Cost: $10


Drunk Neighbor


Happy Thanksgiving YFFs. Who's ready for some frozen turkey football? This game is what Tidewater lives for all year long. We will pull out all the details for this by painting the football field and having end-zone pylons, there will even be referees to keep it honest. they also can be bribed with boobs for penalties and such.

For those of you who are wondering what the actual Fuck is Turkey Bowl? Well, it’s a hashers game of touch football played on a football field. All players at all times must have a beer in their hand, and the ball is an actual frozen turkey, well at least it is frozen rock solid at the kick-off. The day's temperature plays a big part in just how long it remains frozen and intact. Play will continue as long as there is useable turkey or we get to the end of the four quarters. We even have a half-time show, referees, and Topless Cheerleaders (taking volunteers to be cheerleaders, being topless is optional and remember, this is a public school). This year’s halftime show, there will be a protest sponsored by our local hashing vegetarians and vegans. I was told there might even be a Viking Funeral after the contest.

This will also be the annual chicken soup/chili/ what you cook in a pot cook-off, and so far, there are three wanks who have decided to put their cooking skills on the line and present the hash with a hot bowl of soup and chili after the game. Soooo bring an appetite and be a judgmental fuck, and let's see who wins this cook-off. Additionally, this year, an outside hot shower will be available to clean up after the game. A grill will also be open if you want to cook something else. The hash will provide bowls, plates, napkins, forks, and spoons for eating. It will be a YOU BRING EVERYTHING ELCE kind of on-after. Hash beer will be provided for the game. All other drinks after that are on you; there is a Food Lion and a 7-11 within less than a ½ mile away from the game field if you need to make a beer or food run. Also, if you just want to sit around the fire, there will be a fire burning so don’t forget to bring a chair.

When: 1 pm 25 November 2023, the Saturday just after Thanksgiving and the day after Black Friday
Where: Oscar Smith Middle School
2500 Rodgers St, Chesapeake, VA 23324
Parking will be on the back side of the school’s softball field, and you may enter the field through the green chain link fence that will be open, or if you're trying to get some steps in, enter through the turnstile.
On-Afters: GED and POOPs place, which connects to the school’s football field, park in the school parking lot; it is about a football field walk to GEDs back door. NO pets at on-after; on the playing field is ok as long as you have them on a leash.

Prelube: Fort Eustis H3 trail check meet-up.

Cost: Players $10.00
Spectators: $10.00
Tidewater/HOBO/Tuesday/Full Moon Hab will be available.

Frozen Turkey Football

Change of Clothes, Soup or chili to Share

Location Details

Oscar Smith Middle School

2500 Rodgers Street Chesapeake, Va. 23324

Casa el GED and Poop

2617 Eastwood Ave Cheaspeake Va 23324

Public Event

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