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HbH3 Hillbilly Shiggy Mimosa Mile 2022

06/26 12:00 PM

A Mimosa Mile event hosted by HbH3

Cost: $20*


Drillbert Stinker Dick the Cricket Negotiator


Y'all, sometimes a Hillbilly buys a townhouse in the suburbs, and starts thinkin pretty highly of themselves. They start getting above their rasin', doing stuff like drinking mee-moh-sahs and eating brunch. They even get illusions of fitness, and decide to do "fun r*ns" and such. Your very own GrandMaster has fallen prey to this trap of fancification, and is inviting y'all to join in on a Hillbilly Mimosa Mile!

It's pretty simple: walk/run a mile and drink a mimosa.
It's not easy: the mile includes premium suburban Hillbilly Shiggy, and you gotta finish all your mimosa before you finish all your laps.

What you get for your money:
A mile of fun shiggy.
Seeing your idiot friends do this too. (Seriously, it'll be fun to watch, even if you aren't doing the mile.)
Mimosas! A required amount on trail, and more if you're stupid enough to ask for it.
Beer! Just like a regular trail.
Protein! (yo mama's favorite kind)
Orange food, just like a regular trail.
Those who actually run/walk their mile get a bee-u-tee-full patch to commemorate the event!

Chairs for sitting. Sunscreen. Shade/umbrella/canopy if you want. Dry shoes (and pants) if it is rainy.

Start Location Details

Drillbert's (new) House

5517 Miles Ct, Springfield, VA, 22151

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