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Princess & The Poo


If you lay it Hillbilly will cum

HbH3 8th Anal Highland Games 2018

08/24 04:00 PM

A HbH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $100

Hillbilly Hash House Harriers Presents:

The 8th Anal Hillbilly Highland GAMES
August 24-26, 2018

That’s right folks, it’s the 8th year of the Highland GAMES. Some said it wouldn’t happen. Obviously they couldn’t tell the future.

CUM counting on the Hillbilly experience to be one you won’t soon forget.

STAY for the beer, food, trails, GAMES, hamerschlaggen, bonfires, debauchery, gimmes, and patch. (Must rego by July 24 for guaranteed gimmies)

GO home with magical memories and wondering if your liver will ever recover.

Upon arrival, you’ll want to sign up for your “Clan.” Choose carefully because this is your team for Saturday’s GAMES.

Friday night is the dessert and shot check trail. Be sure to bring your best concocktion.

Saturday’s GAMES will feature some of the Highland classics as well as your Hillbilly favorites. Will we once again see Bubba pulled into the mud pit during tug-of-war by lovely harriettes or will he shy away from the competition? Only one way to find out!

Sunday morning will be the time to put your imagination, duct tape, and cardboard to use creating your armor and sword for the Highland Warrior Battle. Don’t try building early. Build time is limited to Sunday morning.

NO PETS, NO Fighting, NO Drama. Be respectful and clean up after yourself. Dispose of trash and cigarette butts in the cans provided. We’ve once again been invited back to this awesome venue and we’d like to keep it that way.

NO one under 21, NO partial weekend regos, and NO refunds. Transfers are okay.

Please do not arrive before 4pm. Misman needs time to get everything ready for you thirsty wankers!

Highland Games

camping gear, something for the dessert and shot check trail, 40/42 oz. bottle of Old English 800 for Brass Monkey 3 Man, cardboard, duct tape, and all your hashing accessories. As for your dignity.....wait, you’re a Hasher. You lost that long ago.

Start Location Details

Lynchburg, VA

1268 Adams View Dr, Lynchburg VA 24503

Schedule of Events

4:00pm: Rego Opens and Kegs Tapped
8:00pm: Dinner
9:30pm: Dessert and Shot Check Trail

7:00am: Brass Monkey 3 Man
8:00am: Breakfast
10:30am: Trail
1:00pm: Lunch
4:30pm: The Highland GAMES
8:00pm: Dinner
11:00pm: Nekkid Trail

8:00am: Breakfast
9:30am: Highland Warrior Battle
10:00am: Fat Boy Trail
10:05am: Closing Circle
12:00pm: GTFO

Public Event

30 Hashers came:

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