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HbH3 HbH3 Hillbilly Highland Games 2024 2024

06/28 06:30 PM

A HbH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $40

It's time again for the Hillbilly Highland Games!
Venmo Payment: Matthew-Mandel-6

Come on out to Harpers Ferry West Virginia for fun and games.

What you get:

Pay Your Way Pub Crawl Starting at 6:00

Trail to a Brewery (Pay Your Way)
Deep Fried Dogs / Tots Dinner Dinner
Limited on site free camping.

If you want to bike back with us after trail Saturday, you can lock your bike at Harpers Ferry Brewery Friday. They gave us permission. If not a shuttle will be provided to get back.

Optional $5 Trail

Where to Stay:
On Site free primitive camping in woods for first regos.
Hotel down the hill if you "fancy"
Quality Inn - 25 Union St, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425 - (304) 521-4710

See Games Tab

What to Bring:
A chair and bug spray.

Venmo Payment: Matthew-Mandel-6

Start Location Details

171 Taylor St, Harpers Ferry WV 25425

Start Location TBA

Schedule of Events

Pub Crawl (Pay Your Way)
06:00 - House Cocktails - 131 Taylor St, Harpers Ferry
06:30 DINNER - The Rabbit Hole - 186 High St, Harpers Ferry
8:00 - Kevins Speak Easy (Private Residence)
08:30 - The Barn- 1062 W Washington St, Harpers Ferry

10:00 - Trail - 131 Taylor St, Harpers Ferry
12:00 - Harpers Ferry Brewing (Pay Your Way)
Bike or Car Back (Shuttle Provided)
05:00 - Highland Games
08:00 - Dinner - Deep Fried Hot Dogs & Tots
09:00 - Highland Games Continue
10:00 - Fire & Awards Ceremony

11:69 - Brunswick Train Station

On After - Smoketown Brewery - 223 W Potomac St, Brunswick, MD 21716

This year we are all about team work. Depending on the number of people we will randomly divide hashers into several teams. The team who scores the most points amongst all the games takes home an epic prize.

-The Tiny Carboard Boat Race
Craft your mini carboard boat with your team on site to hold a single beer can. Last boat to sink wins. Additional beer cans added every 5 minutes. Must be boat like.

-Unfair Animal Sharades
Take a shot and have your team guess the animal in under 30 seconds. Sounds simple enough.

-BJ to Anal Relay (New)
What for do I need to say.

-Drunk Wine Finger Painting
Yall it describes itself. You must finish your wine for your art to be considered. Points based off all artist on team.

-Beer Balloon Relay
Place a balloon on your solo cup. Every time it drops you drink.

-Hot Dog Hang
Hope you like mayo!

-Kaber Toss
Throw wood and get points,

-Plinko drinking
A game of chance. Plinko and then drinko for your team.

-Table Games
Beer Pong
Survivor Flip Cup

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