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Princess & The Poo


If you lay it Hillbilly will cum

HbH3 9th AGM

02/23 04:00 PM

A HbH3 Trail

Cost: $100*





Welcum, welcum, welcum…to the 9th Hillbilly Anal General Meeting!!!

Come join us for a good time in Bentonville, Virginia. Back by popular demand, our favorite Hashfather is at it again.......that's right, it's The Hashfather Part II.

Who: Hillbilly Hash House Harriers

What: Hillbilly's 9th Anal General Meeting at The Sister's Speakeasy!
Be sure to say if you are participating in our production of The Hashfather Part II. If yes, please indicate if you want to be a flapper, mobster, or copper.

When: February 23-25, 2018

Check-in opens at 4:00pm on Friday and the fun doesn’t stop until 12:00pm on Sunday

Where: Andy Guest Shenandoah River State Park
We rented out the cabins, so little fuss will be had with the neighbors. No need to make reservations. Email Jed if you have a roommate preference we will do are damndest to keep everyone who wants to be together in the same cabin. Max occupancy to a cabin will be 6 or 8, depending on the cabin. The cabins are pretty swanky, too. They all have living rooms, fire places, kitchens, dining areas, bathrooms (with running water), wrap-around porches, etc.

For exact details, check out the Shenandoah River State Park site.

Why: Join us in these plush cabins for 3 days of beer, food, trails, debauchery, and hammerschlagen.

Wow: Gimmies, toe tag, games, fireplaces, shot and appetizer contest.

Important Stuff: Friday night is the ONESIE Shot and Appetizer Contest. You are competing for bragging rights so bring your A-game. Saturday brings on The Hashfather Part II so be sure to dress for your part.

Importanter Stuff: No-one under 21 – DUH! No partial weekend regos – Make hashing a priority and stay all 3 days. No refunds – If you screwed up and can’t attend, feel free to transfer your rego. Email Jed the details after you complete the deal (a waiver will be required at check-in). NO PETS – Find a sitter. Fido can go without you for a few days. NO EXCEPTIONS

RV space limited to 8. Make sure MM knows you plan to bring an RV

The Hashfather Part II

Appetizers/shot check and ONESIE for Friday night

Start Location Details

350 Daughter of Stars Dr, Bentonville VA 22610

Andy Guest State Park

Schedule of Events

4pm - Rego Opens and Kegs Tapped!

8pm - Appetizer and Shot Check Trail, Lets see which cabin gets bragging rights this year!

10pm - Games in the Big House

Breakfast on your own in your cabins (provisions provided by the hash)

8am - Bring your own Brass Monkey's to the Big House for 3 man with The Sisters

11am - Trail

Lunch on your own in your cabins (provisions provided by the hash)

2pm - Circle at the Big House

5pm - The Hashfather Part II at the Big House

8pm - Dinner at the Big House

11pm - Nekkid Trail

8am - Breakfast in the Big House

9am - Fat Boy Trail

12pm - GTFO - Cabins must be cleaned and trash taken to the dumpsters!!

Public Event

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