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HbH3 10th Anal Hillbilly Highland Games 2021

08/06 05:00 PM

A HbH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $100*

Y'all, it has been too damned long.
We're finally feelin safe enough to get together again, and Bubba's Pop is willing to invite us all back for our weekend of debauchery.

Join 50 of your nastiest closest friends for a weekend of camping, hashing, fooling around, and maybe a bit of beer.

This event is hosted on semi-rural private property in Lynchburg, Virginia. Camping space is grassy or wooded, scattered around the property. Tents are recommended because it can get wet or chilly, but plenty of folk just pass out in the yard anyway. RV parking space (no hookups) is available.

Porta-potties will be onsite, but showers will mostly just come from the hose. Most food will be provided to you, but planning to bring snacks is always a good idea, especially if you have dietary restrictions. We'll have beer, cider-or-seltzer, water, and some soft drinks. There might be some kennel-provided hard liquor, but please bring your own if that's what you want.

There will be coffee in the mornings.

Arrive on Friday for camp set up and lazy hangin out.
Dinner provided Friday - nacho bar!

Hasher-provided Desserts and Shots tent crawl - you are requested to provide shots and sweets for all ~50 attendees.

Three full meals provided Saturday.

A real hash trail on Saturday.

Highland Games fun activities on Saturday.

Saturday night Midnight Naked Trail!

Sunday food is continental breakfast and anything left over
Sunday fatboy trail and closing circle.

Clean up after yourselves. Pack it in, pack it out. We're not buying dumpsters.

Get gone by noon.

HillbillyH3Events@yahoo.com is the address for the paypal transaction, but you can still reach us at jed.hillbilly.h3@gmail.com just like normal.

We're a small event. We've already started spending your regos. No refunds will be offered - please transfer your rego to someone else. Contact MisMan with your arrangements.

Camping gear, including a sleeping bag/bed, a tent/shelter, a chair, lights, etc.

Location Details

Bubba's Pop's House in Lynchburg, VA

1268 Adam’s View Drive, Lynchburg, VA 24503


Y'all are on your own for camping. There will be grassy or wooded areas for you to pitch a tent or park a vehicle. RVs are welcome but there are no hookups. Portapotties will be onsite, and there is one outdoor no-privacy showerhead.

Schedule of Events

Arrive after 4 pee em

Dinner will be provided Friday night (nacho bar), but then y'all are doing the hard work - you're hostin the desserts and shots tent crawl. You are asked to provide a sweet desserty thing, and a shot (yes, these could be the same single offering) to each of the ~50 hashers that will be stumblin through your campsite. Get fancy, get creative, and win the competition!

Saturday morning will start with BRASS MONKEYS and SELF LOATHING

Full breakfast will be provided.

There will be a trail, in the morning!

Lunch will be cold sammiches back at the camp after Trail.

The afternoon and evening will be dedicated to the titular Games (and tits).

Dinner will be provided - Herpicles has recently upgraded his deep-frying set-up, and he's coming to impress!.

There will be a midnight naked trail. Body paint, UV tape, and UV lights will be provided.

Breakfast will be continental plus any leftovers.

Bubba will hare the fatboy closing trail.

Clean up after yourselves you filthy halfminds (seriously, you pack it in; you pack it out).

Party is over around noon. Get home safely.

Public Event

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