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HangoverH3 AGM 2021

10/23 10:00 AM

A HangoverH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $50*

Fall is here! We’re staying local this year, and doing “fall stuff.” What does that mean? Two shiggy-filled trails, entry to a fall festival, a reserved space in the pavilion to hang out and grab refreshments, boxed dinner, and then an evening bonfire just for us with goodies. The fall fest includes: a hay ride, corn maze, and tons more. We can even get lost in the corn maze after dark! Oh, and don’t forget there’s a cool gimme!

The event is family friendly, but we do have to share the farm with muggles.

Montpelier Farms

Crotch Fruit under 2 years old: free
Crotch Fruit over 2: Email shelley.folk@gmail.com and lindav_co@yahoo.com for pricing.

Trail Stuff, SUNSCREEN, warm stuff for the evening, cranium lamp, camp chairs, and bug spray.

Start Location Details

Schedule of Events

The 2021 DC Beer Mile is upon Us!

Be a spectator or participant!

Maury Wills Field, Washington, DC

Beer Mile Rules: 72 ounces of beer (6 Pack), 4 laps around the track (1 Mile), Any order! Event is BYOB.
Don't want to run? Runners need an audience! Show up by 6:00pm SHARP for a spectacular event!
Rego to participate, email DCBeerMile@gmail.com with your hash name, gender, and kennel. Only those competing need to register, spectators receive free entry to the event.

Farm opens at 9am. Hang out as long as you want. There are tons of things to do at the farm including a corn maze, rubber duck races, pumpkin chuckin, hayrides, and a ton of other things. Check out all the activities they have to offer here: Montpelier Farms

Farm Details:
Ticket booth has list of nerd names. Event under H4/Fjord.
Wristband allows re-entry.

Trail: 1:00pm- 2 miles from the farm.
Pavilion from 3-6pm
Dinner (catered): 6-ish
Bonfire: 6-9pm

Calvert Brewery
15850 Commerce Ct, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

Start time:
1pm NOT 10am. 1300 for you military types.

*All the land around the farm is private property, so we had to start nearby. Trail is very close to start. Reentry to the farm is free. Trail starts at a Brewery...just sayin.

Runner: 4-5mi
Walker: 2-2.5mi

Shiggy: 6 for each

Trail : 10am

Start: Lifetime Fitness
1757 Business Center Dr, Reston, VA 20190
BEHIND Lifetime Fitness, the northeast corner of the parking lot.

Metro Accessibility: Yes-ish. Wiehle-Reston East then a 1.3 mile walk

Eagle: None (rest easy after AGM), but long-ish Turkey
Turkey: 5.4
Penguin: 3.5

Shiggy Rating - 1 for all trails

Dog Friendly: Yes!
Stroller Friendly: No. But masochists like Parent's Weakend would probably consider this Stroller-able with an all-terrain buggy with good suspension. Primarily dirt paths with roots and rocks and occasional creek crossings, fairly technical but no obstacles. Recommend backpack for most of you sane people. Great trail for backpack.

On On On Brunch:
Kalypso's Sports Tavern, on Lake Anne.
1617 Washington Plaza N. Reston VA 20190

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