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HangoverH3 4th Anal Boozey Hanukkah Trail

12/12 10:00 AM

A HangoverH3 Trail

Cost: $5*


Parents Weekend, Herpiclies


Like last year, it's a prepare for presents trail.

You need to rego if you want presents
$3 will get you 3 presents
$5 will get you 5 presents
$8 will get you 8 presents

(p.s. the presents are booze!)
Everything will be up to Covid standards, but ensure you have a safe way home (especially if you want 8 presents). We've yet to end a Hanukkah trail sober.

Note this will cover hash cash for trail and the presents for trail. If you don't rego, you can still do trail, you just don't get the presents, but will still need to pay hashcash at start for libations and snacks afterwards. But rego to get the most out of trail!!!

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So Happy It's Tuesday
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Parents Weekend

So Happy It's Tuesday


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