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HangoverH3 2022 8 Checks of Hanukkah

12/11 10:00 AM

A HangoverH3 Trail

Cost: $6*


Parents Weekend, Pale Aleontologist, Blue Mooner


Like last year, it's a prepare for presents trail.

You need to rego if you want presents
$3 will get you 3 presents
$5 will get you 5 presents
$8 will get you 8 presents

(p.s. the presents are booze!)
Because we're still dealing with Covid, and now Flu and RSV, maybe even a plague or two (wrong holiday though) we're limiting sharing drinks. Which means rego so that you can get your own safe, disease free sho-er-presents. Ensure you have a safe way home (especially if you want 8 presents), and please travel with a buddy if you have a habit of getting lost/passing out on trail. We've yet to end a Hanukkah trail sober.

Note this will cover hash cash for trail and the presents for trail. If you don't rego, you can still do trail, you just don't get the presents, but will still need to pay hashcash at start for libations and snacks afterwards. But rego to get the most out of trail!!!

NOTE: if you want to do all 8 checks, you'll need to do all of runners trail

ALSO NOTE: if paying by paypal, please use family and friends

Hanukkah - wear your kippahs, and bring your matzah balls

Start Location Details

Centreville Park & Ride

14700 Lee Hwy, Centreville, VA 20120

Public Event

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