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H5-Korea KH3 Super Sexy Ski Trip 2021

02/05 06:00 PM to 02/08 11:00 AM

A H5-Korea Hash Weekend

Cost: $40*

You are not officially rego'd until paid! Paypal and Venmo details are available on the payment page, if you need an alternate method contact me (Same-Same Suspect).

Come join us for another amazing Super Sexy Ski (and Snowboard!) trip! This year we have three nights reserved right on the mountain! We are offering mulitple rego price options to ensure everyone is included, one at the resort and one at a pension right nearby (see details below).

Equipment rental is available at the resort, as well as an indoor waterpark, a bowling alley, eleven restaurants, and hiking (hashing!) trails. The resort has small kitchens, some beds and a LOT of floor space.

Rego Option 1: $80-3 nights at White Cabin Pension, hab, beer and snacks.

Rego Option 2: $150-3 nights at the resort, hab, beer and snacks.

Rego Option 3: $100-2 nights (Fri/Sat) at the resort, hab, beer and snacks.

Rego Option 4: $40-Hab and beer only!

This location has a LOT to offer so if you are able, plan ahead and save your money to enjoy the luxuries available!

Misman focus will be on resort-goers so plan accordingly if you opt for the budget rego, however we will do our best to accommodate both.

**Resort option: The resort offers a waterpark, bowling alley, multiple restaurants and easy access to the slopes. The room is 132sq meters (1420sqft), with a kitchen refrigerator and two bathrooms.

Pension option: It is approximately .5 mile from the resort and includes a kitchen and a shuttle to the resort for a fee.**

Breakfast items (eggs, bread, bagels etc...) will be provided in each room for everyone to cook at their leisure.

Cold weather gear, swimwear (speedos encouraged), hash gear for trail.

Start Location Details

Phoenix Park Ski Resort

Start Location TBA

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