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GStrH3 Dirty Myrtle 100th Trail and Barrrrggghhhh Crawl 2022

11/04 04:00 PM

A GStrH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $80*

$80 Rego Price as of August 1st
Paid Rego Cap at 50 Hashers.

It’s the Grand Strand H3’s 100th trail, so cum join your fellow wankers and help us celebrate! We have a floor at the Courtyard Marriott across from Broadway at the Beach. The link to our block of rooms will be provided upon paid rego fee (see accommodations tab). There will be a PIRATE THEME PUB CRAWL at Broadway at the Beach Friday night, so wear your best Scallywag get up. The 100th Trail will be held Saturday afternoon, with some local brewery beer stops. Piano bar admittance Saturday night, buy your own beer/drinks. Meals will be provided Friday night, Saturday brunch and Saturday post trail. Hopefully weather will permit Labia Sunday morning.

Lots of awesome local restaurants nearby. Walking distance to tons of stuff. 2 miles to the beach, Sky Wheel, etc.

PayPal is GrandStrandHashCash@gmail.com
Venmo is @HynesA (with a sunrise image)

Pirates, scoundrels, the lot of ya!

Pirate attire for Friday Pub Crawl, usual trail and event stuffs.

Location Details

Courtyard by Marriott Broadway (link to block provided upon paid rego)

1351 21st Ave N., Myrtle Beach SC 29

Courtyard by Marriott Myrtle Beach Broadway

1 bed King and 2 bed Queen rooms, 40 rooms total. Rooms are first come first serve at $119 per night using the link provided ($267 total for 2 nights)

Booking link will be emailed to you after paid rego.

Please keep in mind WE DO NOT HAVE THE ENTIRE HOTEL, and there will be muggles on the other floors. No muggles invited onto our floor.

Outdoor pool will be open, but is not heated. Fitness Center on site for you racists. Breakfast bar with Starbucks coffee in lobby with meals available 7am-10am (there will be light snacks available from MM for those who do not want to buy food). Also Evening bar in lobby with changing menu 5p-10p. They have some wines and shit if you can't get enough, drink all yours and your friends and too snobby for MM beer.

1351 21st Ave N., Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Public Event

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