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GothH3 Trail #4

05/16 06:00 PM

A GothH3 Trail

Cost: $7




Trail #4! Pounding of the pavement! Who likes IPA'S? Well too bad, they closed a long time ago and it is the new Radio Room now... This is an urban trail, mostly pavement, if I can find some shiggy, I will run us through it. $7 if you pay through hash rego, $10 at the door. Might have a surprise or 2 in store for you wink Bring a virgin or 3. Cranium lamps help unless you know a spell for a glowing orb to light the way.

change of clothes! virgins, cranium lamps, thirst for beer. Money for On-After.

Start Location Details

big parking lot behind it.

110 Poinsett Hwy, Greenville, SC 29609

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Rubber Commando

Upstate Hash House Harriers
Only way to ride

Grampa YankMyDick

Upstate Hash House Harriers
Where are we going and...

I Hope You Outlive Your Kids

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Greenville's Other H3

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