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Ginnie Springs 2020

04/03 12:00 PM to 04/05 05:00 PM

A Hash Campout

Cost: $69

NOTE the change in dates from prior years! The campsites are reserved for Friday & Saturday nights (April 3rd & April 4th).Camping available for Thursday night (April 2nd) for an additional $22.50 per person, contact Bloody Sanchez to arrange.

- Regoes capped at 150.
- Rego covers camping fees, hash cash for events, gimmie, and toe tag.
- Rego does NOT include food/snacks, campfire beer/liquor.
- Beyond beer for events, this is a BYOE campout (Bring Your Own Everything)
- No refunds. If you pay but cannot go, it is up to you to find someone to take your rego and send you the money. Rego transfers need to be communicated to the organizer to update entry list.


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Email: Gatzbe@gmail.com or message Ben Gatza on Facebook. Ongoing details will be shared on the LUSH Facebook group.

Is my registration transferable?
Yes, you can transfer your rego but you are responsible for getting the funds from the new person. All of the registration information for person taking the rego (name, kennel, hash name etc.) will need to be provided to the organizer. There is a main list at the guard shack, if the updated name isn't on the list they won't be allowed in without having to pay again. No transfers within 7 days of the event.

Refund Policy:
No refunds. See transfer policy above.

Where can I get more information about Ginnie Springs?

Cost: $69

Stuff to Bring:
Photo ID (required for check-in), tent, sunscreen, vessels (both for floating and for drinking), condoms, ABC (Anything But Clothes) outfit, food & water/beer/preferred beverage (Ginnie Springs has a camp store on site, but they DO NOT sell alcohol), hash attire (there will be trail), swimsuit, camp chairs,fire wood, cooler & ice, inner tubes (for floating the river)

Schedule TBA

Start Location Details

Deer Spring at Ginnie Springs

7300 Ginnie Springs Road, High Springs, FL 32643

Public Event

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