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GCH3 Red Dress Run 2023

09/29 03:00 PM to 10/01 11:00 AM

A GCH3 Red Dress Run 2023 event hosted by GCH3

Cost: $99


Gulf Coast H3 8th Anal Red Dress Run

  • Rego $99

  • Event Cap: 100

  • Paid Rego Deadline - 9/15 to attend. (If attempting to rego after this date; message Snatch of the Day, I'll Bang Your Baby, or the public page on Facebook.)

- Quality Inn, Downtown Historic District, 255 Church St, Mobile, AL 36602
- Room Rate: $84
- Booking Link: https://www.choicehotels.com/alabama/mobile/hotels#modal
- Group #: IH80T1


  • Friday: Check In 3-5:30; Circle up at 6:00

  • Saturday: Check in 10AM-12NOON; Circle up at 1:30

  • Sunday: Circle up at 10AM

- Friday: Dinner 3:30-5 in hashpitality suite.
- Saturday: Breakfast 10:30 - 11:30 in hashpitality suite (hotel also serves breakfast)
- Saturday: Lunch served on trail
- Saturday: Dinner - pizza at the pool
- Sunday: Pastries & Champagne (hotel also serves breakfast)

- Friday: Hashpitality Suite open 3-5:30 and after trail.​
- Saturday: Hashpitality Suite 10:30 to 12Noon and after trail.
- Sunday: Hashpitality Suite open after trail.

It's Tater Time!

It's the Year of the Tater! Our beloved degenerate songbird, the other white rapper named Marshall, Up Your Anus, AKA Tater, turned 74 on 7/4 and GCH3 Mismanagement has decided this year is HIS YEAR!

Therefore, let it be known hereafter and forevermore that the GCH3 8th Anal Red Dress Run is hereby named... Tater Time!

Taters Gonna Tate and it's All About That Tate so go find a sharpie & white T-shirt, dig out your rainbow wig & red dress, and brush up on your rambling song-making skills. It's going to be a Tatin' good time!

Here's your itinerary:

Friday, 9/29/23 - RAINBOW TRAIL

Wear your best rainbow gear & your dancing shoes! We're hitting a bunch of the LGBTQ+ friendly bars in downtown Mobile and showing them how to party like a Hasher!

Hashpitality suite will be open 3:30-5. Dinner served 3:30-5.

  • Check-in starts at 3:00 & Closes at 5:30.

  • Circle up in the parking lot at 6:00PM.

  • Dinner will be served 3:30-5:00 PM. Eat before we leave for trail!!!

Hashpitality suite will reopen when we're back from trail and stay open until no one from MM can tolerate it anymore. After that it's Balcony H3, or you could... I don't know... go to bed or something.

Saturday, 9/30/23 - Red Dress Run! It's All About That Tate Day!

  • Wear your best Tater-inspired outfit!

  • Hashpitality Suite open 10:30AM-12NOON. We'll have breakfast 10:30 - 11:30. (Also, the hotel serves breakfast.)

  • JavaH3 members will be holding a brewing. Bring a contribution if you'd like to participate!

  • Check in starts at 10AM & Closes at 12 NOON

  • Circle up in the parking lot at 1:30.

  • OnOn at 2:00 - DO NOT BE LATE!

Our last stop will feature a "Tater Off" (Basically a look-a-like, lip sync, karaoke thing where people get on stage and sing/stumble through Tater songs or original compositions inspired by Tater hash songs or perform really inappropriate stand up.) Each competitor will have 1.69 minutes and the winner will be decided by Tater. Message the public Facebook page or email gulfcoasthashhouseharriers@gmail.com if you intend to compete so we know how much time to schedule.

Food will be served on trail and we'll also have pizza at the hotel later in the evening.

We'll get back to the hotel whenever we're done & will open/close the hashpitality suite whenever we damn well please.

Sunday, 10/1/23 - Hangover Trail & GTFO.
- Circle up in the parking lot at 10.
- Hashpitality suite will be open after circle for a short champagne and JavaH3 gathering. If you stay too long, you'll have to help clean up.

Then GTFO. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

Quality Inn, Downtown Historic District, 255 Church St, Mobile, AL 36602
Room Rate: $84

Booking Link: https://www.choicehotels.com/alabama/mobile/hotels#modal
Group #: IH80T1

Reservations: 1-800-228-5050 (ask for Group Reservations) or 1-800-424-6423.

Event Name: Red Dress Run 2023
Group #: IH80T1 ... GIVE THEM THIS NUMBER... IH80T1

Parking: hotel guests must register their vehicle with the hotel. If you don't, you'll get a bill from the parking service or booted. One car per room.

Non-hotel guests/overflow: parking garage across the street, street parking (free on weekends), paid lots all over the place. You can pay to park in the hotel lot but please don't, save those spaces for other guests of the hotel. This is the only hotel in town that tolerates our level of BS, let's not mess it up.

Local Hotel Number: (251) 433-6923 for directions and whatnot.

Tater Time

Rainbow Pub Crawl Clothes, Bathing Suit, Towel, Red Dress, Comfortable Walking Shoes, Flip Flops for the dirty hotel room floors... I mean, for the pool.

Location Details

The Hash Hotel, Mobile, AL

Quality Inn, Downtown Historic District, 255 Church St, Mobile, AL 36602

To Be Announced on trail

Quality Inn, Downtown Historic District, Mobile AL 36602

Make a Reservation


255 Church St Mobile AL 36602

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