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GCH3 Mobile Red Dress Run 2022

09/23 04:00 PM to 09/25 11:00 AM

A GCH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $69



It was a dark and stormy Joe Cain day, except it was bright clear blue skies. GCH3 were all having a good time and sounds of revelry issued late into the night, but suddenly there was a poof and we were all in shock and awe to see the god Dionysus standing right there in front of us.

Well, some of us were in shock and awe. Most of everyone was completely distracted in the opposite direction by a topless Snatch trying to lasso Sister while riding a barricade like a pony and yelling "GIDDY-UP HORSEY!".

Sister ended up getting away, so Snatch hogtied RJ.

It was at this moment Dionysus exclaimed "You! You are clearly worthy! Of all the revelry I've seen upon the world, I declare yours to be debauchery of the utmost! You make this old god proud! I shall bestow upon you a boon of Ambrosia!".

Well, none of us knew what Ambrosia was, so Spockher convinced him to give us some more natty-lite.

As the festivities continued into the night, more toga'd people began to poof into existence around us. It was a hell of a sight. Dionysus and Snatch were riding a cop car yelling "Surfs up Duuudes!", Poseidon kept summoning small fish for Lubi to throw at Purple, Artemis turned Tater into a deer and Quarter chased him around with a spot light, Hermes and Enzyte just ran around Mardi Gras park in circles trying to find walls to climb over, and Etta had Apollo tearing up from her rendition of "At Last".

Finn was spooning Hypnos under a table and had to be told all of this later.

That's when things got... weird. There was a fiery FOOM and the ground shook. Suddenly all went quite and there standing before us was a giant of a god. A tall thick man dressed in red robes that seemed to flow otherworldly. His black beady eyes somehow still managed to twinkle maliciously and their color was only matched by the long midnight beard twisted in on itself.


Everyone stared around at each other perplexed. Of course no one knew what time it was.

Hades bellowed, "You're celebrations have created enough commotion to reach even the depths of my realm deep below the surface! IT'S PAST MIDNIGHT! My wife, Persephone, persuaded me to let her come speak to you, but she has not returned!"

"I mean she's probably drunk somewhere" spoke Lubi matter of factually

The thick silence was only broken by Finn's abrupt snores

Enraged Hades shouted, "You have gotten my wife DRUNK!? I shall not stand for this! I AM THE ALMIGHTY HADES!".

A Purple-ish voice yelled "Hadeez nuts!". Hades turned Purple into a goat.

Hades turned back to the crowd and exclaimed, "You will find her! You will find my Persephone! I will give you one year! However, I will be watching you. If I find you are not making haste, I will send all manner of souls and monsters to cause mayhem. I will bring the heat of Tartarus upon you! ONE YEAR!"

Hades vanished with a mighty FOOM of flames. Everyone was left silent for a moment. A crinkle of chip bags let everyone know Finn had either awoken, or was sleep eating again.

Spockher shrugged and said, "A year? Yeah, that should be plenty of time. I think we're good for now, right?

Sister thought, wavered a little, but eventually replied, "Yeah, it'll probably be fine."

Snatch rode up on a centaur, poured the last of a champagne bottle into an oversized vessel, and declared "We can always just wait until Red Dress this year and have all the visitors find her for us? We can turn it into a game, like the olympics or something."

"That's pretty good. I like that." replied Spockher
"And we don't have to do anything right now." said RJ
"Also it gives us a really good reason to have a toga trail!" said Babe Thruster

"Ooo! Togas! Like this!?" said Pretty. No one was sure when Pretty got there, but he and Dionysus had already traded clothes. He was wearing Dionysus's toga, and Dionysus was naked.

"It's settled then! We will have everyone help us in September to find Persephone, and if Hades sends minions after us, we can use them as fodder!" shouted Spockher

"HELL YEAH" shouted all of GCH3 unanimously

Ancient Greek Olympics

Toga, Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Swimsuits, Hats, Socks, Condoms, Bug Spray, Umbrella, See through yoga pants, Snatches phone, Kilt, Underwear optional.

Location Details

Quality Inn Downtown Historic District

255 Church Street Mobile, AL

Probably the Quality Inn Pool

Look out your room window

Quality Inn Downtown Historic District

Make a Reservation

Quality Inn on the corner of Church and Jackson downtown is the place to be!

The hotel is ready to take reservations! Link above

All rooms are Kings and Doubles. We should have the pool available to be in our block of rooms.

255 Church Street Mobile, AL

Schedule of Events

Friday: Rego opens at 4pm
Circle up 630
Hares away 7pm

Friday night Toga Trail - Finn will be leading the pack through downtown Mobile in Toga's. Why toga's, one might ask? Because why not. If they're good enough for the gods, they are good enough for us. With all the gods in a raucous and Hades minions everywhere, misman thought it would be good for Finn to lead the search for Persephone. It's probably not a good idea, but Finn agreed.

Saturday: RED DRESS RUN!! Wear your Red Dress!
Rego opens 930-1130
Hab 9:30-1130

Circle up 12:00
Hares away 12:30

Lunch will be served on trail! Bring your ID's, Cash for tips

Circle up at TBA Sharp-ish. It will really depend on how hungover Snatch and RJ are. Just send a bottle of Cook's up to Snatch's room, tell her there's hot singles in her area, and she'll open the door right away.

Remember its HOT in Mobile- HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE and also EAT. Seriously, bring snacks on trail to give to Swallows.

Champagne and such with Snatch- whenever we wake up probably 8ish 9ish
Closing Circle 11am then find your friends and have brunch downtown. We may do a hangover trail if we are not all completely wiped out from the weekend.

Public Event

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102 Hashers came


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