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GCH3 Mobile Red Dress Run 2022

09/23 04:00 PM to 09/25 11:00 AM

A GCH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $69


Mismanagement is still deciding on what we are actually doing this year. We promise it will be worth the wait! Theme and details TBA soon!!

Location Details

Quality Inn Downtown Historic District

255 Church Street Mobile, AL

Quality Inn Downtown Historic District

$84 a night.

Quality Inn on the corner of Church and Jackson downtown is the place to be! Use the code "RED DRESS RUN" when you reserve and at check in.

All rooms are Kings and Doubles. We should have the pool available to be in our block of rooms.

The Hotel is experiencing phone issues. We will update as soon as possible.

255 Church Street Mobile, AL

Schedule of Events

Friday: Rego opens at 4pm

Friday night trail- TBA

Saturday: RED DRESS RUN!! Wear your Red Dress! Circle up at TBA Sharp (or don't, you live your life Swallows)! We will leave you (seriously, ask Swallows, we will leave you)! Make sure to eat before trail (Swallows, eating is what you should do before you start hangover puking, it helps)! There will be a late lunch served on trail. We can't promise shenanigans, but we can't promise not shenanigans.

Also, we are in full blown Tator season. Tator's, usually show up unannounced and without warning. It's a good idea to keep some old panties in a bag on you at all times. If you suddenly find a Tator approaching you, just calmly open the bag, no quick movements, drop it on the ground, and back away.

Remember its HOT in Mobile- HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE and also EAT (seriously Swallows, seriously)!

Closing Circle 11am then find your friends and have brunch downtown

Public Event

See the full list!

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