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GATRH3 16th Annual Crazy Hat Weekend 2022

01/14 03:00 PM to 01/16 12:00 PM

A GATRH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $79*

A GATRH3 Hash Weekend
16 years of silly cranium gear!

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners Hash House Harriers (GATRH3) will be hosting our 16th Anal Crazy Hat Pub Crawl weekend from January 14-16, 2022.

Hashpitality suite: The suite will be open at times before and after our events. It is a room in the corner of the hotel and available for those who are paying for the whole weekend. There will be beer and snacks.

Best Hat wins a free rego to 2023 Crazy Hat!

  • Pricing:
    Rego by December 1st:
    $40 pub crawl only; $69 for the weekend
    Rego After December 1st
    $50 pub crawl only; $79 for the weekend

  • What's Included?
    BEER!, Toe Tag, Gimme, BEER!
    Friday - Late Night Sausage Fest (Hot dogs and chips)
    Saturday - Continental breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the pub crawl
    Sunday - Continental breakfast

  • How do I pay?
    PayPal: gatrh3@gmail.com "Friends and Family"
    Include: Your Hash name and Nerd Name

Location Details



The Gainesville Lodge

Gainesville Lodge
413 W. University Avenue

We have a room block at a local, small downtown Gainesville hotel! This will be the official hash hotel and there will be a hashpitality suite. If you have paid for the weekend, you will have access to this space and beer. The block will be held until January 3. Note: the owners live on property, so we will need to be respectful.

$65 for 1 bed
$75 for 2 beds

Rates are based on double occupancy. To reserve your room, call the hotel and ask to book for "the event on 1/14-1/16". They will put us all towards the back of the property.

If you want a quiet, nicer room, call the Hampton Inn downtown Gainesville. It's walking distance to everything as well.

413 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601

Schedule of Events

  • Show Up! Check in! Get yourself some libations and foods at Start for prelube if you're here early!

  • Shiggy Trail
    7:00pm Show!
    7:30pm Hares away
    Hares: SS Tween Runner and Urine Horse Deep
    Start: First Magnitude Brewery, 1220 SE Veitch St, Gainesville, FL 32601

  • On After: Hash Hotel for SausageFest

  • 8:00am Wake up, eat breakfast, provided by us

  • 10:00am Hab Fair will open after breakfast. Buy cool shit!

  • 1:00pm Lunch, eat some more foods, on us

  • Crazy Hat Pub Crawl
    THEME: Wear your craziest hat!
    Start location: Hash Hotel!
    Show: 4:00pm
    Hares away: 4:30pm
    Hares: GATRs and Special Friends
    There will be a number of bars plus shot stops for your libations
    We will also have a 50/50 raffle throughout the crawl! Gotta spend it to win it!

  • 6:30pm Dinner during the pub crawl, to keep you from hurling

  • 8:00am Wake up you fucks. It's time to eat

  • 11:00am Check out, they don't like us that much

Hangover Brunch and Trail
Details TBD

Public Event

See the full list!

55 Hashers came


My Invagination


Face Plant Puke Princess


Sprechen Sie Bang Bang

Tallahassee & Area Hash House Harriers
AKA Spider Twat

Helen Smeller


Ewe made the cut


Captain He Brew

Tallahassee & Area Hash House Harriers

Urine Horse Deep


Teddy Roughskin the Carpet Shark


Re Erector Sex

Sarasota Circus H3

Dildo Shaggins

Wildcard H3

Plugs Bunny


Deep Ditch Doggy


Bubble Lick Us

Tampa Bay H3

Just nick


Stupid Hoe

Jacksonville H3
$20 is $20

Lumberjack Off

Shark Week H3
Lumber Jackoff

SS Tween Runner


Dr. Penisatarian


Confused Follies

Wandering Whore H3
Come play with me!

Hung Like a Peanut

Jacksonville H3

Just andrew (GATRH3)

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)

Orange is the New Snatch

DC Road Whores


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Nasty Whore

Jacksonville H3

Beauty and the Beastiality

Vulcan Hash House Harriers

Wop Mart


Farta Sutra


All Taintz Matter - ATM

Jacksonville H3

Rock Paper SexHer

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)
"Mmmm...there ya go."

Tu-doors Down

Upstate Hash House Harriers

La Coocharacha

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)

How I Met My Member

Taco Tuesday H3

Farm To Mouth

Jacksonville H3



Scurvy Seadog

(Animal Crossing H3)

Spitz in Sheetz

(Jacksonville H3)

Broweye Boygina


Kimchi Cumdumpster

Survivor Hash House Harriers

Tag My Juicy Target

Panama City H3

Fire N the Hole


Just Rachelle


Flying Saucers


Spritz It In The Ritz

Tallahassee & Area Hash House Harriers

Potential Mound Scrubber



Tampa Bay H3

Legally Dead, Will Give Head

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)

Bum chum


Sunday School Stroker


Melts in your mouth


Head Shoulders Knees and Cum

Vulcan Hash House Harriers

nohashname Bridget

(Flamingo Cheeks H3)

Unleash the Clotten

Southeast Xtra Hash House Harriers


Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)

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Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)

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