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GATRH3 14th Annual Crazy Hat Weekend 2020

01/17 06:30 PM to 01/19 04:30 PM

A GATRH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $50

01/17 06:30 PM

A GATRH3 Hash Weekend
14 years of silly cranium gear!

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners Hash House Harriers (GATRH3) will be hosting our 14th Anal Crazy Hat Pub Crawl weekend from January 17-19, 2020.

Hashpitality suite: The suite will be open at times before and after our events. It is a room in the corner of the hotel and available for those who are paying for the whole weekend. There will be beer and snacks.

Check out the new themes for the trails! Prizes will be awarded for best dressed at each trail. Overall winner for best dressed for the weekend wins a free rego to 2021 Crazy Hat!

Friday, January 17: Shiggy Trail
THEME: Crazy Hair
6:30pm Rego opens at start
7:00pm Hares away
Hares: SS Tween Runner and Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh I'm Cuzzin' It
Length: 2.69-3.69
Shiggy level: 3.69-4.69
Start location: The Dugout parking lot, 3501 SW 2nd Ave, Gainesville, FL
On after location on Friday: UrineHurt's House, 4918 NW 19th St. Gainesville fl 32605
On after is your GM and RA's house so be gracious! This is not included in rego, BYOB

Saturday, January 18: Pavement Pounder Trail
THEME: Crazy Headband
10:30am Show
11:00am Hares Away
Start location: Gainesville Lodge (hash hotel)
Hares: Legally Dead Will Give Head and Dr. Penisatarian
In order to participate, please bring a six pack to participate. This trail is not included in the price.

Hab fair at the hash hotel after the morning trail.

Saturday, January 18 Crazy Hat Pub Crawl
THEME: Wear your craziest hat!
Start location: The Bank Bar and Lounge
Rego opens: 4:30pm
Hares away: 5:30pm
Hares: Urine Horse Deep and GATRs
There will be 5 bars plus shot stops
Pricing includes beer and shots on trail, a meal, a super awesome gimme, toe tag, prizes for best hats, and more!
Optional patch for purchase!

Sunday, January 19: Hangover Trail and Brunch
Hares: Oral B, B is for Butt Hurt
Show: 11:00am
Go: 11:30am
Shiggy: 0.69
Start location: Hash hotel, the Gainesville Lodge

Rego by January 14:
$35 pub crawl only; $50 for the weekend
Rego at the door:
$40 pub crawl only; $55 for the weekend

IMPORTANT for payment: Use the link to pay for the weekend via PayPal. In the comments section, post your hash name (or "Virgin + your first name" if you don't know what that means), plus your nerd name. If you are paying for just the pub crawl, please PayPal $35 to gatrh3@gmail.com via "Friends & Family."

We have a room block at a local, small downtown Gainesville hotel! This will be the unofficial hash hotel and there will be a hashpitality suite. If you have paid for the weekend, you will have access to this space and beer. The block will be held until December 3. Note: the owners live on property, so we will need to be respectful.
Gainesville Lodge
413 W. University Avenue
$60 for 1 bed
$70 for 2 beds
Rates are based on double occupancy. You must call and say "GATRH3" when booking. They will put us all towards the back of the property.

If you want a quiet, nicer room, call the Hampton Inn downtown Gainesville. It's walking distance to everything as well.

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Start Location TBA

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75 Hashers came:

Any Object Will Do

Savannah Hash House Harriers


Jacksonville H3

Bloody Sanchez

Taco Tuesday Hash House Harriers

Boo Boo Can't Bust A Hymen

CampBacon H3

Daddy's Meat in the Shower

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)

Dewey Dick'Em All

Jacksonville H3

Dude! Where's my cunt?!

CampBacon H3


Jacksonville Urban Hash House Harriers
Your butt goes here.

How I Met My Member

Savannah Hash House Harriers

Hung Like a Peanut

Jacksonville H3

I drilled a dude in the ass

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)
Who is begin for a peg...

Irish Rose Job

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)

It's All Good Butt Her Cream

Daytona Beach H3
I can't believe it's n...


Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)

La Coocharacha

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)

Lady GagGag

Southern Comfort H3

Legally Dead, Will Give Head

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)

Lumberjack Off

Shark Week H3
Lumber Jackoff

Moochin' Wench

Beers And Tacos H3


Mount Vernon H3

Nice Shoes Wanna Menage a Frottage

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)

Oral Pleaser Titty Squeezer

Asheville Hash House Harriers

Penis Fly Trap

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)

Pink Cock Down on Her

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)

Poly Doesn't Know

Savannah Hash House Harriers

Pork The Clown

Tampa Bay H3

Project Cumway

Savannah Hash House Harriers

Pussy Tasted Mother Approved


Re Erector Sex

Sarasota Circus H3

Rock Paper SexHer

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)

Shame Eww


Spanks 4 Cumming

Kittens H3
Lets get weird.

Spitz in Scheetz

Jacksonville H3

St. Dickless The Cougar Catcher

Homeless (For Now)

Stretch AssStrong (JaxH3)

Jacksonville H3
Enjoying a beverage an...

Stupid Hoe

Jacksonville H3
$20 is $20

Tie Me Up Trebek

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)

Triple Nipple

Road Whore



Bombay Satisfy-Her

(Gainesville Area ...)

Browneye Boygina


Deep Ditch Doggy


Doofus White Boy


Dr. Penisatarian


Eeeeweeee made the cut


Emergency Entrance in the Rear



(Wandering whoreH3)

Face Plant Puke Princess


Farta Sutra


Fire N the Hole







(GinnieSprings H3)

Hannibal Likt'r


Ho White & the 7 Dwarfs


Hops on Pops


Im cousin it


It's All Good Butt Her Cream




Just Gary


Just nick


Just Shannon


Midget diget


Oral-B B is for butthurt


Porks Me Gentiley


Potential Mound Scrubber


Say Bitches


Scurvy seadog


Sprechen sie Bang Bang


SS Tween Runner




Urine Horse Deep


Virgin - John

(Flamingo Cheeks H3)