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Flip Your Sister 2019

04/27 12:00 PM to 04/28 03:00 PM

A Hash Campout

Cost: $52


Flippycock, Can I Fuck Your Sister?

FlippyCock and Can I Fuck Your Sister have teamed up again to bring you the best in hasher camping for the Southeast United States. You are highly encouraged to bring your best camping game to the planning committee (Flippy and Sister) for evaluation and possible inclusion. We absolutely love new ideas.

You are welcome to cum Friday and camp. Several other hashers will be on site already. Friday night is BYOB. We will probably pass the hat for pizza or something but it’s Biloxi, MS. Many choices.

You will be camping at the Biloxi, MS American Legion bar. They love us. In fact, they are preparing our Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast. There are several other benefits to camping at this location.
1. Damn near impossible to run out of beer when you camp in the back yard of a BAR!
2. Enough said

We are putting up a Wall-Of-Shame on site for you naked wankers that will close in enough of the campsite to allow a full clothing optional experience behind the black curtain.

We have invited a guest RA this year and have many, many other surprises in store. Plan to have the time of your hashing career and don’t worry about your liver, it’ll be fine.

You can’t have Flip Your Sister without a Drinking Ironman! Please bring your own beer and bottle of wine for this challenge. This challenge often messes up a hasher’s day if they fuck around and try to rush it. You will be required to start at noon on Saturday and complete the challenge before both FlippyCock and Can I Fuck Your Sister pass-out for the night.

Drinking Ironman Regulations in a nutshell:
1. Starting at or after 12:00 noon Saturday, you must start your Drinking Ironman by doing 2.4 ounces of Whisky which will be provided. We haven’t decided which whisky we will have this year, but you will probably have your choice of a scotch, a bourbon and an Irish whiskey.
2. You may then proceed to the beer portion of your challenge. You must drink 12 cans of beer. 12oz each. Trail beer counts, circle beer counts, camp fire beer counts, butt chug beer counts, etc… Just keep track. A popular method is to create a staff with your beers taped together so you can lord around the campsite like a drunken fool pretending to be in charge of shit. It’s really fun to use a sharpie and keep track on your skin somewhere or a cool shirt you created special just for this challenge.
3. Finally, you must finish a full bottle of wine. The wine bottle must be the standard size which is just shy of 26 ounces according to Google.
4. You cannot pass out or vomit prior to completion but you may do both as soon as you swallow your last drop of wine.
5. All questions regarding the regulations that are elevated up to either Flippy or Sister will require a beer penalty and your total beer count will increase by 1 beer. Ask other FYS Ironman veterans your question first. It’s probably already been answered several times before.
6. That’s it. If you manage to complete this challenge, you will be rewarded with your very own Flip Your Sister Ironman patch to stick anywhere you choose.

Finally, you are asking yourself, what will this whole thing cost. Well, that’s the best part, rego is capped at $52 and we expect to sell out quickly. We will require payment upon registration and ask that you only register yourself and 1 other hasher. Gimmies are not personalized even though they are awesome and include a one of a kind patch! Non-personalized gimmies mean you can buy your rego now and have an option to sell it later without suffering the embarrassment of your name on someone else’s shit. Plan for Sunday mimosas

We have also capped the registration at 69 regos this year because it’s a new venue. We have to see how many more we can fit but since 69 usually fits just right no matter where you stick it, we’ll start with that number, this year.


Are you ready to rego? Pitter Patter, let’s get at’er!

Start Location Details

American Legion, Biloxi, MS

1126 Judge Sekul Ave, Biloxi, MS 39530

Public Event

69 Hashers came:

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Whorebraham Lincoln


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