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FL/GA Interhash 2018

10/05 03:00 PM to 10/07 12:00 PM

A Hash Campout

Cost: $89


We know you love it when we wake you with a Disney sing along and putting our greasy meat in your mouths at events all around the south. But now, your favorite road-whoring kennel, CampBacon H3, is hosting an epic weekend of our very own, and that is the 32nd Anal FL/GA Intercourse!!!

We are hosting the debauchery at Suwanee Valley Resort, a hasher-loving, 21+, clothing optional paradise. Yes, this year is a campout yet again, but fear not! There are all the comforts of home here. Clean showers and bathrooms, a pool and hot tub are all at our disposal. And for those that like to stay a step above primitive camping, there are RV/Cabin rentals available for an additional cost. For those interested in that option, please contact the resort directly.

So what do you receive for your hard-earned dollars?? A weekend full of bacon, beer, delicious meals, hot tub, lap dances from AB, a gimme, beer, shiggy trails, Hash Olympics, shot trail, pool, Naked Pirate trail, mas cervasas, a whole lot of other various shenanigans, and a wholehearted guarantee that it will be the absolute worst event you will have ever attended, so definitely put it on your calendars and join us!!

Must be 21+ to attend

On-I can't believe we got voluntold to do this, looking at you Duff H3, specifically you BeerBitch-On
Dude! Where's my c*nt?! #wannahelpmefindit?

REGO $89 to
Venmo: @brandon-gould-8

Or for those who like to keep the U.S. Postal Service in business
Brandon Gould
1426 Licht Street
Cocoa, FL 32922


Ever been camping before? Yeah, bring that stuff!! Camp chairs, a tent, blankets, bug repellent, condoms, fleshlights, sense of humor, extra credit monies, sunscreen

Location Details

Suwanee Valley Resort 786 NW Stephen Foster Drive White Springs, FL 32096

Suwanee Valley Resort

Make a Reservation

For those interested in renting an RV or cabin for the weekend, please contact the resort and make arrangements through them.

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