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FLash! 2018

07/14 10:30 AM

A Hash Campout

Cost: $30

It's time to FLASH! ( Float Hash)

Back by popular demand! We will be floating the alligator infested Edisto River in search of beer, boobs & a good excuse for Happy Heretics and Visitors to come back to CHS!

Weiner Injector & Freudian Slit have offered up their property for us to camp with their bees, goats, horse, and pig.

$30 gets you beer for the camp out and food. Dinner and some sort of continental breakfast.

This event is capped at 40 PAID Regos due to camping space & people on the river. Sorry, NO rego's day of.

To complete REGO you have to follow instructions and pay via PayPal.

Pussies welcome, but leave your mutts at home... They don't play well with goats!

The fine print:
There will not be a float only cost as this FLash is looong. Pushing 6 hours from drop off to pick up with all the logistics and minimal river accesses, on the river shenanigans, drinking then not camping... MM highly encourages all to stay the night. We will not factor peeps leaving early in the overall logistics of the day's events. Passing out on a float? Better than passing out in the water... better wear floaties and be face up... Changing your mind to stay? Passing out in a chicken coop counts the same as camping out. We can't stop anyone from leaving sober or belligerently thinking they're sober, so with that added bit of danger thrown in, be prepared to sign a liability waiver to absolve our more than gracious hosts.

Float Hash

Stuff to Bring:
Bring: something to float on (duh), blow-upperer, floating cooler, tent, vessel, alligator repellent, ginger perfume (sunscreen), camping gear, bug spray, snacks, and anything else you'd need to survive a day and night with the best wankers around!

Cost: $30



Start Location Details

The Edisto River Drop-in

FLash (Float Hash)

A flotation device

Start Location Details

Schloss Weiner und Freud

Start Location TBA

Schedule of Events

Be excited all day because you're going to the FLash!
11 am show - Set up camp
12 pm - Shuttle to Edisto River drop-in
1 pm - River chalk talk
115 pm - LET'S FLash!
630 pm - Off the River
7 pm - Shuttle back to camp
830 pm - Dinner
GTFO by 11 am - Peeps gotta go to Church!

Public Event

40 Hashers came:


Happy Heretics H3


Wandering Whore H3
Never Leave Camp!

Betty Orgazmatron

Happy Heretics H3
Have feet, will travel!

Confused Follies

Etna H3
Come play with me!

Cuckoo for Coconuts

Heretics H3

Daddy Douche Care

South Mecklenburg Urban Shiggy Hash House Harriers

Debbie Does Arby's

Happy Heretics H3

Farm to Table

Savannah Hash House Harriers

French Whoren’

Happy Heretics H3

Helen Keller Hand Job

Happy Heretics H3

My Little Porny

Happy Heretics H3

Senior Spitizen

Jacksonville H3

Twat’s My Name

Charleston SC H3



By The Hour


Cock Ring Master


Coo Coo Ka-Choo Frau Robinson


Cums Thru Jesus


Do You Have a D-Cell?


Doggie the Penis Hunter


Elmo’s Bitch (not real) Just Justin




Forest Dumped


Hose Handler


It ain't gay if its in a 7 way


Jack Off


Jerking it Clean in the Submarine


King Cock


Luke, I Am Your Sharpie


Nipple Me Elmo


Not named


Old Bay in the V-Jay


One Night Stand


Pawggy Style


Sux at Sucking


Taint No Hair There


The Iceman Cummeth


TransClowntinental Express