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FEH3 2500 Weekend

05/12 12:24 PM to 05/14 04:01 PM

A FEH3 Trail

Cost: $84*


Always Needs Ample Lube (ANAL) and co-hares. More to come on that.



What do a vegetarian, a cross fitter, and a Ft. Eustis hasher have in common? Just ask us, and we will tell you how awesome we are! How many trails have your kennel completed? On May 13th, Ft. Eustis H3 (The longest Continuous Hash in the United States) will celebrate its 2500th trail, and celebrate is what we will do. Join us for an entire weekend of trails, debauchery, and well more trails.

For the LOW LOW price of whatever its costs when you Rego (see below), you get not 1, not 2, but 3 trails, beer, debauchery, shooting star trail, monkey, lions, and bears. Ok, those last three will most likely not be there, but hey, it’s the hash, so who knows? Rego will be capped at 100 glorious hashers, so get yours in quick. It will cost you less, and who the heck is going to miss the chance to be at a 2500 trail?

When: May 12th-14th
Why: Because, of course, you should celebrate 2500 trails.

Rego: $69 until April 1st
$74 until April 15
$79 until May 1st
$84 until May 12th
$90 day of if Rego and rooms are still available.
(Basically, it goes up $5 every 15 (ish) days for those that can’t do the math)

We will have a day of trail price as follows:
$10 2500th trail. Yes, this is more than a normal trail but we will have extra goodies at the trail.
$40 All day Saturday. CLAM Trail, 2500, dinner, after party. You can pay this on that day or send money to clevengerclifton@gmail.com on Paypal or clifton-clevenger on Venmo. If you send money, put in the notes what it is for.

For that price, you will get the following:
BEER! Do you need more? We will work to provide something for the glutards as well.
Trails- 3 of them
Friday Night Full Moon
Saturday Morning CLAM (CLAM traditionally attends brunch before the trail. That brunch is not included in the 2500 rego)
Saturday afternoon Ft. Eustis 2500th
Food-Friday night, Saturday Lunch, Saturday Dinner.
Gimmes: Of course

Days inn and suites
119 Bypass Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185

Call or email Jen at (314) 922-2911 ridenhourtravel@gmail.com to book a rate of $99, including tax per night.
When you call or email, reference the 2500th or Ft Eustis event. The agent is familiar with the hash and has booked for a hash event prior.

Location Details

Days Inn and Suites Williamsburg, VA

119 Bypass Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185

Days Inn and Suites

Call or email Jen at (314) 922-2911 ridenhourtravel@gmail.com to book a rate of $99. This price includes taxes and fees.
When you call or email, reference the 2500th or Ft Eustis event. The agent is familiar with hash and has booked for a hash event prior.

119 Bypass Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185

Schedule of Events

3:00 Hotel Checkin
4:30-6:30 Registration
6:00 Dinner
6:30 Opening Circle
7:00 Full Moon Trail
11:00 Shooting Star Trail

7-10 am Breakfast provided by the hotel
10 am CLAM Trail
1200-1400 Registration/Hab Bazaar
2:30 2500 Circle Up
3:00 Hares Away
6:30(ish) Dinner
8-12 70’s Disco Party

7-10 am Breakfast provided by the hotel
10:00 Fatboy Trail/Closing Circle

1:30 pm Tidewater H3 Trail. This is not part of your 2500 Rego, but Tidewater will be holding a northside (other side of the tunnels and bridges) trail nearby.

Public Event

See the full list!

60 Hashers came


Table Trash

Tidewater H3



Clam Chomp

(Tidewater H3)

Floppy Dicks


Do You Have a D-Cell?

Tidewater H3

Liquor in the Middle

Finally Friday Fukov H3


Southwest Nomad
Ah fuck, what've you h...

Cow Poke


Gave Educator Dick

Tidewater H3
What? Your a teacher f...

NFN Rose


For Sale or Rent

(White House/Great...)

Late Nite Drive Thru

DC Road Whores
If you can't laugh at ...

Playtex Playboy

Osan Bulgogi Hash House Harriers

I'll Finish Tomorrow


Scuba Deuce

SMUTTy Crab Hash House Harriers
Spandex Afficionado

Fuck Dem Kids

Tidewater H3

Gone with the Schwinn

(Ft TrashWater)


Rage H3


Richmond H3


Richmond H3

Cokeadoodle Do Me

Richmond H3

Branded Booty Queen (BBQ)

Ft Eustis
I drink and I do things.

Butt Light

Tidewater H3
Menace to sobriety

Clits n Chips or Chips n Clits

(Ft Eustis)

downward dog shit

Kansas City H3

Merchant Wanker



Tidewater H3



Rolling in the Deep


Cockhome Syndrome

Richmond H3

Undercover Jerker

Carolina Larrikins H3

Kibbles ‘n Vomit

Tidewater H3

Hokie Poke Me


Nakey Wakey My Clothes R Toast

Atomic Shit Show Hash House Harriers
Spicy Pineapple


(West London H3)


Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

Expiration Dating


Shitty Orgy Daycare

Tidewater H3


DC Road Whores

Top Shelf Tuna

Richmond H3

Shiggy Stop




Ass Spelunker

DC Road Whores
In dog beers, I've onl...

Spunk Monkey

DC Road Whores
I'm not Grassy, or am I?


Tidewater H3
That's just my face. I...

Cream of Somyungai

Sacile Madness H3
So Creamy!

Rump Bumper


All I Want for Christmas is a Tube of Meat


The Fast & Bike-urious


Motel 6 Inches

Tidewater H3



Always Needs Ample Lube

Tidewater H3

Armed & Manger-ous

Traveling Whore-Ables H3

The Udder Ho

So Happy It's Tuesday