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FCH3 Labor Gay Weekend: Rainbow Dress Run 2018

09/01 01:00 PM

A FCH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $40


4th Anal Labor Gay Weekend: Rainbow Dress Run, Come join us in Rochester NY, on a shiggy infested trail that will take you on a series of twists and turns. You may get hot and sweaty for this one but there will be ways for you to remain cool. More detrails to follow.

Bug Spray, Beach towels, Virgins, positive attitude

Start Location Details

Acorn Shelter Durand-Eastman Park

Acorn Shelter Durand-Eastman Park

Schedule of Events

Location TBD, still in initial planning stage

Trail at Acorn Shelter in Durand-Eastman, Shiggy trail located near Lake Ontario. Dirt the Skirt!!! Food will be catered out of a food truck. Just a nice day of trail followed by some fun on the beach.

Detrails to be determined as still in initial planning stages.

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