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FCH3 Labor Gay Weekend: Rainbow Dress Run! Rochester, NY 2016

09/02 08:00 PM to 09/04 12:00 PM

A FCH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $50


Mark Suckerberg, Cock-or-Two, Spike

Come have a gay ole time (no you do not have to be gay to attend, just don't be an asshole) with Flour City Hash House Harriers on it's 2nd anal Labor Gay Weekend. This year the trail will be a Rainbow Dress Run. We will have gay shenanigans on trail (get your minds out of the gutter). It will be a fun filled weekend with many different twists and turns. So come join Flour City in this exciting adventure. The cost is $50.00 dollars. This cost covers the festivities on trail day. Cost includes, venue rental, Haberdashery,a patch, dinner, beer, dancing and festivities. Most importantly $5 dollars of every Rego will go to the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley! This organization does a lot within the gay community more specifically with gay youth. http://www.gayalliance.org/

*The auto PayPal link does charge the usual PayPal fee. To avoid a charge, go to your PayPal account and select the Friends and Family option. The payment email is sapeters1986@gmail.com

We have hashers willing to lend crash space. Please let me know if it is needed.

Rainbow Dress Run

Vessel for trail, Head Lamp, Sun block, cash for extra hab

Start Location Details

140 Alex Bar and Grill

140 Alexander Street, Rochester NY 14607

Schedule of Events

Ladies and Gentleman oh wait are you a Lady or Gentleman? I am so confused..... Friday night will debut the Gaytona 500!!!! Typical pub crawl where the men dress as the women and the women dress as the men. If you want to keep it simple men just wear dresses and women just wear boy clothes. Think reverse prom. There will be a score sheet contest (more details about this to come).

The Pub Crawl is pay as you go.

Times are approximate:
Start is at 8pm at 670 University Avenue The Bachelor Forum. We will stay at each bar roughly a half hour to 45 minutes.

9 Pm 582 Monroe Avenue Enright's Thirst Parlor

10 Pm 666 South Ave Lux Lounge

11 Pm 140 Alexander Street 140 Alexander Bar and Grill. Final stop drink, watch Drag Show.

140 Alex Bar and Grill (There is to be absolutely NO Glitter used in the bar at all. If you are caught throwing glitter on the premises, you will be asked to leave with NO REFUND)

(Rego covers mostly all of this day. breakfast and or lunch is on your own there are plenty of cheap diners or fast food places in the area)
2pm Meet and Sign in. Circle/trail out by 3pm,

Dinner after trail

Dancing/drinking/ Fun
We will have run of 140 Alexander Bar and Grill until 8 pm.

On-On after at MC Hemorrhoid's with drinking games to follow.

Fatboy trail to be set at Durand Beach. 12 noon. Trail is covered with rego. After Fatboy Trail is the Official End of Labor Gay Weekend. You can leave or stay at Durand beach for a beach day. The choice is yours.

Public Event

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