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FCH3 Bacon & Bourbon IV 2017

12/17 11:00 AM to 12/17 09:30 PM

A FCH3 Other Event

Cost: $40

Join Flour City H3 in an ongoing love affair with the two other B's that go along with beer: Bacon and Bourbon. There may be some tweaks for this fourth iteration of the event, but ultimately the basics from last year will remain.

Saturday night will again be the Local Brews and Spirits Crawl which is pay your own.

Sunday we will enjoy a full day of fun at Ellison Park (at the larger, Pavillion Lodge this year): trail, the 3rd Anal Bacon & Bourbon Cooking Contest, and cozy on-after hashtivities, including a Puzzle War: TEAM BACON vs. TEAM BOURBON!

The past three years we've been spoiled by (relatively) nice weather for late December hashes. Come prepared for anything! Snow, sleet or shine, there will be a trail somewhere in Ellison Park!

Those participating in the cooking contest should bring crockpots, cooking or baking utensils/supplies and extra electrical cords. Even though we are in the bigger lodge this year, please DO NOT assume that we will have what you need even if we will try to think of everything (as good chaos managers do). Also, the stove/oven may or may not be available for widespread use (due to bacon cooking priorities) SO PLAN ACCORDINGLY!!!!

After trail, attendees will eat and vote on their favorite submissions. Prizes will be awarded for:
* Best Bacon & Bourbon Food or Drink
* Best Non Bacon & Bourbon Food or Drink
* Honorable Mentions

Rego covers costs for Sunday only: beer, bacon, bourbon, special themed haberdashery (BACON press with logo engraved handle), prizes for contest winners and lodge rental, more beer, more bacon and more bourbon.

Rego that ensures PERSONALIZED hab will end December 2nd. So if you miss this deadline, don't complain about being a WANKER. Hashers who haven't regoed can still show up the day of the event but you are not guaranteed haberdashery.

For out of towners, we will be working to secure a block of rooms at one of our local hotels but you may be able to find crash space from some FCH3ers willing to host!

Location Details

Ellison Park, Pavillion Lodge

43.152158, -77.518119


Make a Reservation

One specific place to try is "rest, urban micro inn" which has 4 rooms, currently all available during B&B weekend. This is in the downtown area which is close to where the Brewery Crawl will be an it's also not a far uber/lyft ride from Ellison Park.

Schedule of Events

Local Spirits + Brewery Crawl

5 or 6pm: Happy Hour Prelube TBD
7pm: Black Button Distilling & Rohrbach Railroad Street Beer Hall
9pm: ROC Brewing Co.
10pm: Swiftwater

Bacon & Bourbon 4

11am: Hashers can arrive for set up or begin their day drinking with keg beer and breakfast.

12:69HST: Trail begins! Circle immediately to follow.

5pm-ish: Enjoy the fruits of everyone's labors by sampling the dishes for the cooking contest. Vote on your favorites!

7pm-ish: More bacon, more bourbon, more beer! Drinking, games, partying....whatever your heart desires.

9pm: GO HOME!

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