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EWH3 WIE 2018

03/09 05:40 PM to 03/11 12:00 PM

A EWH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $120*

Far, far away, tales told of a hero who crossed seas, rivers, medium hills and monstrous bridges, all to discover the splendid and storied Hamlet of Ocean City. In this glittering city is a castle, nestled twixt dunes and one glorious 24-hour McDonalds. In this sandy castle, the hero's journey is to be feted with the Greatest. Party. Evah. Lasting three days and two nights, drinking, dancing, running and laughing will abound!

Should you follow the footsteps of this great and storied hero, you, like Hercules, will face trials and trails to stiffen the spine.... and other things untold!

Trial 1, Friday: A trail hosted by Assawoman Bay H3, followed by a bar crawl featuring songs with lusty locals and a special, secret, final location for the evening!

Trial 2, Saturday: Trails! Fire! Revelry! Dancing!

Trial 3, Sunday: Getting the fuck out of town.

It will be the stuff of legend, and you should be too. Whether you cum as Goldilocks or Gaiea, Bigfoot or Baldur, all are welcome in our humble Asgardian hall. Just make sure that you are Myth-Behaving like the legends we know you are! (Let’s not kid ourselves, 40% of you will be coming (and cumming, heyo!) as unicorns.)

Cum satyrs and nymphos, all: Join the bacchanalia!

WIE 2018 Myth-Behaving
Date: March 9-11, 2018
Castle in the Sand
3701 Atlantic Ave
Ocean City, MD

What your Rego Gets You!

• A hotel bed for two nights that folks have rated as "I slept fine" and "I don't understand the question"
• All the beverages you choose to consume, and we know you're Pro Choice. There won't just be Miller Lite and PBR. Oh no, this isn't your parent's 15th anniversary. I'm talking IPAs and other hipster beers that'll make you want to jot thoughts down in your moleskin.
• Orange food. And maybe oranges, because the WIE Committee is worried about your vitamin levels.
• A hashpitality suite for you to consume said bevs and noshes. There will be music and dancing and at least one corner devoted to making out. I'll help you find it.
• Three trails for your earthly delights.
• A bonfire.
• Levity

What your rego does not include:

• Access to the secret VIP suite. I shouldn't even be talking about it here. It doesn't exist, stop asking about it.
• Bail money
• A cuddle buddy, because that's always been free

4 per room: $120 apiece
3 per room: $138 apiece
2 per room: $173 apiece
Flying solo: $275
Condo: $110 (Minimum occupancy for a condo is 5 people, up to 6 can be accommodated if you get cozy)

Gispert Scholarship
Need someone to help you Rumplestiltskin your excess straw in to cold hard gold? Gispert is here to help you get the hard stuff you need. Email gispertscholarship@gmail.com to learn how to apply for a scholarship to WIE 2018.

If you ARE Rumplestiltskin and would like to help sponsor a potential drunk in need, choose a donation at checkout!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Critiques? Contact your WIE Organizing Committee at wie.organizers@gmail.com. This year's daring foursome is none other than the commanding Rosetta, Mistress of Boners and Breaker of Hearts; Prince Texas Hold Him, Master of Shade, Tamer of Bears and Lord of the Underwear; the enchanting and fearsome Siren Too Easy, Ruler of Semen and Master of the Pack; and of course, High Queen Whoregon Trail, Mistress of Dreams & Daring Delight!


Start Location Details

Castle in the Sand Hotel

3701 Atlantic Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842

Schedule of Events

1500 - Hashpitality suite opens
1900 - Pickup Hash
2100 - Pub Crawl

Ballbuster trail start
Regular Trail/Walkers
The Lighting of the Bonfire
Dinner in Hashpitality Suite
Hashpitality Partay

0800 - Breakfast
1000 - Fatboy
1200 - GTFO

Public Event

79 Hashers came:

Bipolar Bear

Just add vodka

Blow Me Closer Tiny Dancer

Bites when provoked.

Deetz Nutz

You know I got the deetz



dwarfus interruptus

Confused As A Baby In ...

Head Injury




Poops I Did It Again

And again, and again, ...

Spunk Monkey

I'm not Grassy, or am I?

Stain Gretzky


The Hyperpoop

690mph top speed

1 if by Man, 2 if by She




Atari 6900


Back-Action Hammer




Cheech and Dong


Clitorissa Sexplains my Balls


Cums When He Wants


Deathly Swallows


Eiffel Plow Her


Fist Pump




Goldman Ballsachs


Greatest Ho on Earth, The


How I Met My Brother


Just Amina


Just Andrea


Just Becky


Just Brittany


Just Valerie


Just Virginia


Leaning Tower of Please Ya


Maybe It's Gaybelline


Midsemester Night's Cream


Nobody Puts Gayby in the Corner


Orgie Cycle




Please Step Away from the Whores


Poon-apple Juice


Raider of the Lost Box


Read Between the Slime


Sally the Jizzhound


Seriously 5-10


Silver Spooge


Sphincter Shy


Texas Hold Him


The Great White MILF


Tickle Back


Tumble Cry


Vaginal Countdown


Wank Like An Egyptian


What’s a boner

(EWH3 )

Why is the Cum Gone?


You Sucked My Battledick