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EWH3 Trail #1017: The Semen, Surfers, and Sea Monsters Crawl! 2017

07/15 12:00 PM to 07/15 10:00 PM

A EWH3 Pub Crawl

Cost: $30*


Atari 6900, Colliteral Damage, FukuShemale, Who's In My Mouth?, Periodic Fable and Just Alex, Poops I Did It Again, Keebler Shelf, and Blow Me Closer Tiny Dancer

Ahoy you wankers!! Come sail your way through pubs and alleys from U Street to Adams Morgan on July 15th with all of your hashiest of friends!

EWH3 Trail #1017: The Semen, Surfers, and Sea Monsters Crawl! - 12:00 PM, Saturday, July 15th - U-Street Metro (Yellow/Green Line)

Join us on July 15 at 12:00 for the EWH3's Semen, Surfers, and Sea Monsters bar crawl where we combine two of our favorite things: day drinking and more day drinking.

Are you a surfer? A sea monster? A Se[a]man? Pick your theme (one or all) and join us as we voyage the rough seas of U street, following our true north star to the place of all night dancing.

When: 12:00 PM Saturday July 15th, 2017. Pack starts drinking... right away!

Where: U Street Metro - follow marks to start (here's a clue: it's a very Proper place to start)

Metro options: Yellow/Green line. Or buses probably. We don't know your life.

Hares: Atari 6900, Colliteral Damage, Fukushemale, Who's In My Mouth?, Periodic Fable and Just Alex, Poops I Did it Again, Keebler Shelf, and Blow Me Closer Tiny Dancer (and probably a couple of mystery hares that will be voluntold to help wrangle you wankers).

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to B! (closest metro to end is red line)

Price: In advance: $30 pub crawl; $40 pub crawl + on after
At the door: $35 pub crawl; $45 pub crawl + on after

Why is it $5 more this year than last? Because there are some special surprises along the way and an amazing on-after that starts right at end!! Read on...

Deals at 3rd Bar
Tecate and grilled cheese combo for $5 or
substitute in a Bloody Mary for $3 more!

Deals at 4th Bar
$3 labat blue and labat blue light cans
$4 angry orchard

$5 fireball shots
$12 pitchers bud light

Deals at the Last Bar (which is also the on-after) until 9 PM
$4 bud light draft
$5 mixed rail drinks or wines by the glass
$6 burger baskets.

What is the optional $10 On-After Charge?? Not only do we have the space hashers-only until 10 (that's built into your rego), you can also purchase an open bar from 8-10 PM! Includes domestic bottles & mixed rail drinks. You can also just stay and pay as you go. If that's how you wanna play it.


Ahoy Wankers! We've had a number of questions about whether can people can just do the on-after and the answer is YES! The cost will be $15 after 5:30 and before 8 PM. What does this get you?? A toe tag, a beer with the rest of your friends BEFORE the open bar starts at 8 PM (if you get there before 8 PM). After 8 PM, you'll have to deal with standing in line with the muggles outside :/

Wallet/ID & Floaty Fins (not necessary but highly encouraged)

Start Location Details

U-Street Metro (Yellow/Green Line), follow marks to the Proper start!

1000 U Street NW, Washington, DC 20001

Public Event

44 Hashers came:

Atari 6900

Finish Her!!!

Blow Me Closer Tiny Dancer

Bites when provoked.

Deetz Nutz

You know I got the deetz






I'm Not A Black Guy™️

Anne Stank


Bipolar Bear


Cheech & Dong


Deaf Lesbian


Deathly Swallows


Fist Pump




General's Farm Animal


Happy Poo Year


Just Chev


Keebler Shelf


La Gingeracha




Mouthful of Clam


Periodic Fable




Please Step Away from the Whores


Premature Ejaculator




Quantum Whizics


Raider of the Lost Box


Schrödinger's Cock


Silver Spooge


Strange Ground Chuck


The Great White MILF


Vaginal Countdown


Who's in My Mouth?


Yes We Cane!