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EWH3 Green Eggs and Hash 2019

07/13 01:00 PM

A EWH3 Pub Crawl

Cost: $30*


Poon-apple Juice, Quid Pro Blow, Son What the Fuck?!


The sun it may shine
It may be too wet to play
But don’t sit in your house
This July Saturday

Cum pub crawl with E-Dub
All hashers, plus you
Don’t find yourself saying
“I’ve nothing to do!”

Four drinks, two shots
And a short walking trail
Tour Petworth’s finest
Get drunk without fail

All you need to do is
Drink! Drink! Drink!
We’ve already planned it,
There’s no need to think.

And do you like hab?
Have we got hab for you!
Just rego by June 27th
Before two.

Costumes encouraged
Whimsy a plus
Bring your ID though,
To avoid any fuss.

The bar staff works hard
To quench your thirst
So be sure to tip them
(Preferably first)

Don't want to bring cash?
You can add you tip now!
When you rego, just enter
whatever amount.

We'll split it between
all the tenders that serve
to make sure they get
the treatment they deserve.

You can sign in at pre-lube
Or bar number one
But after that stop,
It’s pay-your-way fun.

So rego now, rego now, rego now!
Don’t delay!
Or you’ll find yourself suffering
FOMO that day.

The Seuss Is Loose!

ID, a sense of humor, Cash to tip

Start Location Details

Schedule of Events

12:00 - 12:50 PM - The Midlands Beer Garden - 3333 Georgia Ave NW - Sign in here to streamline your experience for the rest of the day and coat your stomach with some delicious nachos (or a beer). Pick up your hab here, too!

I am sober. Sober I am.
I do not like that, Sam I am.

Would you like some snacks and beer?
Would you like it there or here?
Would you pre-lube with the hash?
Would you pre-lube with a ‘stach?
Would you, could you have some lunch?
Would you, could you drink some punch?
Would you, could you sign in here?
Would you, could you grab a beer?

No tickets covering drinks here,
But meet up, sign in, and buy a beer.
Coat your stomach with some grub,
And get ready to pub crawl with E-Dub!

I am the Whore-ax,
I speak for the beers.
You can still sign in here,
Have no fears!

One drink on us
At the mystery bar.
A cold brew for those
who have cum from near or far.

Unless someone like you drinks a whole awful lot
We're not going to get drunker, we're not.

On the 13th of July, in the swamps of DC
in the heat of the day, In the cool of AC
He was drinking
Enjoying the cities great joys
When Horton the Hasher
Heard a small noise.

So Horton stopped drinking.
He looked toward the sound
“That’s funny,” thought Horton.
“The pack’s not around.”

Then he heard it again,
Just a faint little yelp.
And saw a Harriette,
Calling for help.

She looked at her glass. "There's nothing in here"
But then they remembered, their tickets for beer!
He called over the barkeep, and ordered a round.
And both were happy to have a cold drink to pound.

One Shot, Two Shot
Red Shot, Blue Shot
Shots to make you feel like a star
But these won’t be taken in a bar

What a lot of shots there are
Some are red
And some are blue
For hashers old
And hashers new

Look, sir. Look, sir. Mr. Fox, sir.
Let's drink beers with chicks and cocks, sir.
Let's get drunk and take a walk, sir.

Two more beers, but the night's not done, sir.
Stay a while, have some fun, sir.

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64 Hashers came:


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