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EWH3 1382 The Fifth Anal PSL Trail (Grand Central)

11/02 11:17 PM

A EWH3 Trail

Cost: $10





Note: Trail will be one leg with no beer check. Bag drop and opening circle at Grand Central. End circle in the bar with your first beer provided (or more until the hash cash runs out). Bring your ID.

One autumn evening in 2017, Wait Wait Don’t Fuck Me set off on an adventure, leading two virgin hares in a lesson on how NOT to hare. Some hashers left that night with PTSD, cold bums, and a (now rational) fear of black chalk. Voted “Worst Trail of the Year” four years in a row, the 2017 Pumpkin Spice Latte Trail will live in infamy. Now, we return to the scene of the crime, for a Venti sized trail that’s sure to delight (or terrify).

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It's fall y'all and you know what that means: leggings, flannel, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes! So dust off those Uggs and join us to celebrate twenty years of PSL and FIVE semi-Anal #PSL Trails.


No one wanted to hare this week, so your GM has taken it upon herself to plan a bar-centric trail. We will gather at Grand Central for a bag drop and opening circle. The pack will venture out on a single leg trail, complete with shot check, before returning to Grand Central for a warm and creamy end circle.

Hash Cash: $10 cash at sign in or rego in advance online via Hash Rego

When: 6:45 PM Thursday, November 2, 2023. Pack will be away right at 7:15 PM, don’t be late!

Pre-Lube: Grand Central – 2447 18th St NW Drop your bags off early and grab a beer to get your night started.

Where: Grand Central (0.75 miles from the metro)

Hares: Poon-apple Juice, Burlington Ho Factory, Just Emily, Head Injury

Trail Details:
- Runners: 1.98 mi.
- Walkers: 0.85
- Shiggy: .69

Miscellaneous Crap: Trail is A to A (bar to bar). Bring your ID, a cranium light, and a sense of humor. Be smart, have fun. There will be a bag drop at start, with bags locked up by bar staff, which is where we will circle up. There will be no real beer check for this trail! Halves are separated by a shot check, however walkers will wait for runners who wish to switch to walkers’ trail.

End Metro: Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan

Last Trains Out:
Glenmont 11:57 PM
Shady Grove 12:13 AM

On After: Grand Central
Specials: It’s also end circle.. and start

Start Location Details

Grand Central

Start Location TBA

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10 Hashers came


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