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EWH3 # 1187 - Halfway to Christmas (A Transitional Trail!)

06/25 07:00 PM

A EWH3 Trail

Cost: $3*


Poon-apple Juice, Schrödinger's Cock


This is it - the moment you've all been waiting for! After 101 days of lockdown, we are finally open for business!

If you plan to join a live pack on Thursday, June 25, you MUST sign up via Hash Rego. Only paid regos will be permitted to join.

There are two packs, be sure to select the correct time when you rego.
5:00 ($3 hash cash) - This group will follow trail without marking checks. There will be no official end circle. While you are welcum to gather distantly at the end location, sing, or drink, the 5:00 pack must vacate the end location by 6:45 PM, to allow for the second pack to gather.
7:00 ($5 hash cash) - This group will solve trail, marking checks. There will be an official socially-distant circle, but no on-after. Every effort will be made to end before the metro closes for the evening.

As this is a transitional trail, the following guidelines are in effect. These are non-negotiable.
1. Each pack will be limited to 25 participants.
2. This trail is BYOB. No beer, food, or bag van will be provided.
3. While masks are encouraged for the entirety of trail, they are required during beer check and at end, with the exception of sipping your beverage. (To further reduce your risk, we recommend long straws that can easily be slipped under a mask.)
4. There are no sweepers on trail. Stick together and watch out for each other.

It's Halfway to Christmas! Whether you decide to celebrate Christmas, Mother's Day, or Global Beatle's Day, cum celebrate it with us!

BYO snacks, alcohol, and chalk

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20 Hashers came


Deetz Nutz

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You know I got the deetz

Ready Player None

Everyday Is Wednesday H3

Tacos on a Bridge


Ginger Snatch


Close Encounters of the Turd Kind

(Everyday Is Wedne...)

21 Gum Salute

Everyday Is Wednesday H3

Schrödinger's Cock

Everyday Is Wednesday H3

Edward Sissy Hands


Orange is the New Snatch

DC Road Whores

Son What the Fuck?!

Everyday Is Wednesday H3

Please Step Away from the Whores


Throbbin Hood

Everyday Is Wednesday H3

Shamrock Your Cock

Everyday Is Wednesday H3

Little Spermaid


Gunna Probably Spew

Baltimore Annapolis Hash House Harriers

Papal Smear



(Louisville H3)

Tony Panda


Sir Lancelittle

Whitehouse H3/DC Road Whores
Tis but a scratch!