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Regos for this event are not guaranteed until they are paid.

EWH3 1000th Run Weekend! 2017

04/06 06:45 PM to 04/08 08:00 PM

A EWH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $35*

Aw shit you guys! One lovely day in April (the 8th, to be exact) EWH3 will mark its 1000th run! A milestone such as this should be marked in style, but we’re hashers, so, you know. Do your best!

Remember the last time you tried to be classy AF and only sortof managed it? Did it involve limp streamers and sad confetti strewn about your high school gym? Are you pumped/resigned to go through that all again?

Then cum join us for the 1000th, in an Enchanted Forest-themed event, thrown for a bunch of semi-adults (almost exactly like your high school prom). Array yourself in your finest formal attire you hoped you’d never use again! Retrieve that hot pink bridesmaid dress or that powder blue tuxedo the rental shop refused to take back (you know what you did). Finally an opportunity to wear that monstrosity again!

Get dolled up, and meet us at the bus stop, and we’ll ride on out to Patapsco State Park together! Too cool for school and want to camp? Reserve your campsite here and we’ll see you at circle. After a runner’s and walker’s trail, we’ll have games, dancing, a catered meal. What a bargain! Don’t forget to pass through the photo booth to forever enshrine your precious memories!

Whether you miss those glory days or are just looking for a do-over, cum on out to the Enchanted Forest - almost certain to be your best prom yet!

Exact details below...

Your Saturday rego gets you beer, food, beer, a cool prom-y giveaway, beer, trail, beer, a bus ride to and from Patapsco, and beer! If you get the Triple Crown package, you're in for the Friday Full Moon Trail hosted by EWH3 ($10 value) and get your Thursday EWH3 regular trail for free ($6 value)! MAKE EVERY DAY WEDNESDAY!!!

+Saturday Trail price is $35 + Paypal fees (online).
+Triple crown is $45 + Paypal fees (online) - this gets you Thursday, Friday, and Saturday trails!

If you'd like to pay cash (no fees) or credit card (yes fees) via Square at trail, please see the OnSec - Head Injury. Wednesday 4/5 is the last day to rego online!


Enchanted Forest / $5 Prom!

Prom dress / tux, bug spray, sunscreen, shiggy socks, mug...

Location Details

Pre-Lube - Meet Up for Bus Ride Saturday 10 AM

Columbia Heights, most likely

Same as Pre-Lube, Bus will return to same location around 8pm



Make a Reservation

Camping is DIY. Parking fee is $4 per vehicle, be prepared!

We are trying to book a big campsite for lots of people so please let Stain Gretzky know if you're interested in coordinating (rsverdlove@gmail.com).

Patapsco State Park!

Schedule of Events

Smithsonian Metro Start
World War 1 Themed!
Meet up 6:45 pm
Pack away 7:15 pm

Included with 1000 Run full weekend rego
$6 cash / credit if you pay at start

On After: TBD

Navy Yard Start
DC PUDJAM Full Moon!
Hosted by EWH3, hooray!
Meet up 7:00 pm
Pack away 7:15 pm

Included with 1000 Run full weekend rego
$10 cash / credit if you pay at start

Pre Lube: Beltway Bob HH!
On-After: TBD

Patapsco State Park, MD!
Party in a pavilion!
Wear a pretty dress and get pretty drunk.

Meet at bar in DC on Saturday morning, 10 am. Bus leaves 11am.
Return to DC same day by bus, around 8pm.

OR, camp on your own overnight and drive yourself to and from the park. Please do not get behind the wheel if you've been drinking all day.

Public Event

23 Hashers cumming:

Stain Gretzky

just cuz there's a goa...

Atari 6900


Cum Dumpling


Dr Toolittle






La Gingeracha


Mouthful Of Clam


No Strings Attached


Poop Been a Dick


Poops I Did It Again




Quantum Whizics


Red, White, & Poo


Rosetta Bone


Slip Knot


St Pauli's Girl


You Sucked My Battledick