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Swings Both Ways


Flour + Beer + Trail = HASH!

EH3 Eerie's 30th Analversary Greatful Head Weekend 2023

06/30 12:00 PM to 07/02 12:00 PM

A EH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $120*


TV and Cumz Alone


Attention Bimbos and Wankers grab your tie dies and burn your bras. It time for Eerie's 30th Analversary Weekend at Brushwood. Join Vagically Delicious as he hosts The Greatful Head Weekend. There will be cold beer, great food, awesome habby, hot tubs, hot showers, cool pool and everything else that Brushwood offers. Cum 'around the bend" for a weekend of camping, trail and beeeer, 5 fab meals, music. beeeer, the Friday Nite Trails of 1,000 jello shots, Saturday trail, Sunday Fat Boy trail, games. beeeeer, Hot Showers, Cool Pool, Hot Tub, Drum Circle, Pagans, White Witches and Druids.

Tent camping is $15 per hasher additional and is payable directly to the campground. RV camper sites with or without electric are also available. https://www.brushwood.com/registration/

$100.00 until March 10th - $120.00 until May 26th - 140.00 until June 16th - $160 until June 27th
IF PAYING BY CHECK - MAKE IT PAYABLE TO CHUCK ORTON* Please be aware that you must remit the rego amount due AT THE TIME YOU MAIL THE CHECK, not the amount due when you completed the online registration.

Bust out you kilts grab your tie dies and prepare to have the Hash Weekend we all need.

Pets are not allowed on camp property. Leave Fido home this weekend.

MUST be 21 to attend

The Greatful Head Weekend

Tent, sleeping bag, tie dyes, camp chair, mug, toothbrush

Location Details

Brushwood Forklore Center

8881 Bailey Hill Road - Sherman NY - 14781

Brushwood Folklore Center

Make a Reservation

Tent camping with options for RV camping. All camping fees are paid directly to Brushwood. There are a couple of cabins also available.

Schedule of Events

Kegs tapped at 2:00PM
Registration opens at 2:00PM
The Trail of 1,000 Jello Shots leaves camp at 5:30 PM
Dinner is served at 7:00 PM

Breakfast - 8:00 AM
Registration re opens at 9:00 AM
Lunch is served at 11:30 AM
Trail leaves camp at 12:30 PM
Dinner is served at 6:30 PM
Dick Traci's never ending circle starts at 8:00 PM

Breakfast is served at 8:00 AM
Fat Boy Trail leaves camp at 10:30 AM
Circle resumes......
The Hash Weekend ends at 12 Noon - IF you remain you are now a guest of Brushwood Folklore Center

Public Event

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