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EH3 Eerie H3 Halloween 2017

10/28 03:00 PM

A EH3 Trail

Cost: $30





Eerie H3 is still here and Halloween is our second biggest event! Cum Join us for a pay as you go pub crawl Friday night if you have nothing better to do!

The Halloween Trail starts at 3:00pm Saturday leaving the Hotel on foot.
Upon a timely return we will have food and a DJ as usual. Later on we will have Pizzas also as usual.
Please hold off on Room reservations until Oct. 2 as we have not made a group rate deal yet for rooms. Blame Schlabotnik for slacking......
UPDATE....manager never got us a better rate than the $79.99 rate so, when booking a room tell them you're with the Hashers and & 79.99 is out rate

Cumz Alone is haring the Pay as you go Pub Crawl Friday meeting in the Hotel Lobby at 6:30 Hare away at 7pm

Start Location Details

Erie Downtown Hotel 18 W18th St. Erie, PA 16501

18 W18th St. Erie, PA 16501

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34 Hashers came:


Renegade H3 Cow Tippin...

Shameless Cussy


Sir Vix

Don't Bro me if you do...



Cox Stroker <img src="http://bitchesratingcock.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/1-3-296x194.jpg" >


Cumz Alone


Dick Traci


E=MC Hammered


goofy fuck

(toledo mud hens)

I Came First


John Handycock


Just Allen


Little Enchilada


Moon Over My Truckie


no cunt. or maybe buffs his wood

(toledo mud hens)

Scratch and Sniff


Short-Cunter the Dicktaster


st. dickless

(toledo mud hens)

Strawberry Short Tits

(Nittany Valley HHH)

Tittsburgh Orgynizer


Triple Dipple




White Plower


Yellow Bed Wetter

(Nittany )