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EDH3 DPeVAS Hoedown Hash Campout 2023

10/06 12:35 PM to 10/08 12:41 PM

A EDH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $100


Pay Rego Via Paypal: tophwd.1@gmail.com
Please use friends and family option

2023 marks the 10-year wedding analversary of DP and DeVA and their forever vow to become one hasher...DPeVA. So, of course they want to celebrate by bringing the old gang back together, introduce you all to a whole new gang, and run through the woods looking for beer. A lot has changed over the past 10 years, and we know our legs are spread out all over the country, but we do hope that you can make the drive to our humble little homestead here in Shady Valley, TN for a good old fashioned Hillbilly style campout. See old friends, meet new ones, play some stupid hoedown games, run a shiggy trail or two, and do what we do best...DRINK BEER! (and Brass Monkeys...and Bloody Mary's...and Mimosas...and...)

The theme is Cocks, Hoes, and Dildos--A Hoedown Hash Campout. So come dressed as a farmer, the farmers wife, the farmers daughter, the farmers favorite farm animal???

Kegs will be tapped at noon on Friday but you are more than welcome to come and pitch your tent on Thursday...but know you may be put to work. You can also stay beyond Sunday, but any food/beer needs beyond the official hash date and times will be on you...and again, you may be put to work. :)

You can bring your dog, but please understand that this event is being held on our private working farm with farm animals and a dog that is not very nice to others. No really, he's a dick!

RV/camper space is limited and will be available on a first come first served basis according to who regos first.

Be prepared for shiggy, poison and ticks!!

When its hog tyin' time in Nebraska...

Cocks, Hoes and Dildos-- A Hoedown Hash Campout

tent, sleeping gear, shot check drink, tick and poison ivy repellant, an extra liver...maybe two

Location Details

DP and DeVA's little farm in Shady Valley, TN

376 Brickyard Branch Road Shady Valley, TN 37688

Katie McPeek (Aka Fort Knockers)

Some of you stated you may be interested in bouging it alone in a cabin rather than roughing it with your drunk-ass wanker-friends. Fort Knockers rents out cabins in Damascus, which is about a 15 minute drive from our place:

She has two cabins in Damascus, VA: 2 two bedroom and 2 one bedroom. All close to each other. Below is the link to one of the one bedroom cabins. Contact Katie McPeek via FB Messenger and you wont have to pay Air BnB fees!!!


Schedule of Events

Noon: Tap dat keg
1:00: Hasher Arrival/Set-up
6:00: Dinner
10:00: Shot Trail

1:00: Lunch
2:00: Hoedown Highland Games
6:00: Dinner
8:00: 10 year analversary ceremony
Midnight Nature Trail

10:00 Fatboy trail
11:00: Road whore circle
12:00 GTFO! (or not)

Public Event

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