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ECH3 Billy Bowlegs & Back to the Beach 2022

09/16 06:30 PM to 09/18 02:00 PM

A ECH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $89


Collide or Ride Her

REGO DIRECTLY via PayPal to Ech3hab@gmail.com
Include Hash Name, Nerd Name, and Billy Bowlegs in note.
Send as Friends and Family
(Sorry in advance for those who try to pay via HashRego. PayPal is a voided space here, so please do a direct Rego payment via the PayPal website or app)

Hear Yee Hear Yee, ya blimey wanks!
ECH3 is yet again charted to set sail to the open seas to pillage and plunder and take back our beaches from the muggle-borns of Florida's Emerald Coast!
Back by popular demand, ECH3 is hosting their own Billy Bowlegs Pirate Fest and chartered boat excursion the 3rd weekend in Sept, but this year, we’re taking Back our Beaches from all the muggles and terrorists… err, tourists! Charted course: Crab Island in Destin.

Friday, September 16th: Pirate Takeover of Downtown Fort Walton.
The bars of Downtown Fort Walton love the Hashers, so our pub crawl will start at the Fort Walton Beach Landing:
139 Brooks St SE, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547
Saturday, September 17th: MM will pick up blimey wanks at a designated location along Okaloosa Island or Destin between 10-10:30 AM. TBD as more info is gathered.
Sunday, September 18th: will be a hangover trail/brunch. TBD as more info is gathered.
Hash beer is provided at all trails and we will have nourishment for the boats including water and food. We HIGHLY encourage all to bring additional libations and snacks, especially those with allergies or food/beverages intolerances.
REGO is $89.00 and includes the boat rental, food on the boats for Saturday, and hash beer for trails. NO REFUNDS AFTER AUG 27TH
REGO by AUGUST 27th to ensure gimmie.

REGO via PayPal to Ech3hab@gmail.com
Include Hash Name, Nerd Name, and Billy Bowlegs in the note.
Send as Friends and Family
Important Dates & Locations:
Sept 16th @ 6:30 PM (1830) - Pirate Themed Pub Crawl and Trail - Downtown Fort Walton Beach - Park at The Landing - 139 Brooks St SE, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547
Sept 17th @ 10-10:30, location TBD - Charted Boat Excursion to Crab Island.
Sept 18th @ 11:00AM (1100) - Hangover Trail / Brunch, location TBD

  • Locations are still being charted and mapped out but will be finalized in advance. MM will start a private FB Group for all paid REGOs and post up-to-date information there *

Now, for the boring YET Important legal stuff:
By REGO'ing and participating in this event, you recognize that there are inherent risks associated with this event and you assume full responsibility for injury and further release and discharge Emerald Coast House House Harriers and its MM, members, and/or affiliates from injury, loss, or damage arising out of your presence at this event. You further agree to indemnify and defend Emerald Coast Hash House Harriers against all claims, causes of action, damages, judgments, etc. which may arise from your participation and presence at this event.
In summary: we're all adults, even in our half-mind'dom

Hotels in Destin:
Days Inn
Destin Inn
Village Inn
Hotels Fort Walton Beach:
The Suites at Marina Bay
Comfort Inn and Suites
Quality Inn

Stuff to Bring:
All things needed for a day on the water. - Extra money and ID for pub crawl and food on Friday - Low Expectations


Pirate attire & Booty. All things needed for a day on the water. Extra money and ID for pub crawl and food on Friday. Low Expectations

Start Location Details

Public Event

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