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ECH3 12 Down Downs of Hashmas 2022

12/17 12:00 PM to 12/18 11:00 AM

A ECH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $35




Ooooon the 12th shot of Down Downs my kennel gave to meee..

Hoe Hoe Hoe you merry band of mischief!
It's that time of year again when the weather outside is delightful and we Praise to G by giving back to our fellow hashers with a Festivus of Fuckery!

Cum join ECH3 as we try something a little different this year with a one-night campout for our 12 Down Downs of Hashmas!
We couldn't in good conscience provide a trail, beer near, AND 12 shots, then send you on your merry way, so our lovely wanks to the west are providing some private land for us to defile.

The location is 2601 Sherrilane Dr. in Cantonment, FL.
The land is primitive so tents only. And bring all you would need for tent camping.
We will have a shiggy trail in December so dress appropriately.
Naughty Christmas theme! Onesies encouraged.

Saturday: arrive any time after Noon (12:00).
- Hash beer will be tapped/open by 3 pm (1500 for you military types). Glutard options are also available.
- Dinner is being provided, so cum hungry. If you have a dietary restriction please reach out to Collide or Ride Her and MM will work it out.
- Bonfire, shots, shots, and more shots, shiggy trail, and if your tushy can stand it, maybe some good ole fashioned holiday nudity is in store for you!

Sunday: hangover trail
- Breakfast and mimosas
- Be gone by 11 am

Rego is set for 30 wanks, but with it being winter, we highly encourage tent sharing.

PAYPAL $35.00 via Friends & Family DIRECTLY TO ECH3HAB@GMAIL.COM.
Ignore the "pay at event" notice from Hashrego, Collider is still technology retarded.

Any questions? No? Good.
Merry Hashmas you filthy animals!

Naughty Christmas

Warm clothes. All the camping stuff. A hashy attitude. And low expectations.

Public Event

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30 Hashers cumming


Hose Before Hoes

Patch Whore H3
It's meee, Hose Before...

Me Shrub You Long Time

Ben Franklin Mob H3
Looooong time ;)

Huffing Ariel’s FartBubbles


Triple Stuffed




Open Wide


Collide or Ride Her

Emerald Coast Hash House Harriers
If you can read this, ...

Tag My Juicy Target

Panama City H3


Chattahoochee Valley Hash House Harriers

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

Emerald Coast Hash House Harriers

Mini Pooper

Panama City H3

Twisted Shitster

Survivor Hash House Harriers

The Fuck Stops Here


Teener Schnitzel

Siete Cerveza H3

DILTDO Dragons

(Ben Franklin Mob H3)

Judo Cock




2 Girls 1 Deployment


Curling Iron Maiden

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Shits, shakes & swallows


Kool Her Runnings


Medicinal Hand Job


Gay For Pussy


Pump Friction

New Orleans Hash House Harriers

Smothered Buttered n Uddered

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MH3 HashCash

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Hebrew Hammer’d

Panhandle Sluts

Care Bear Stare

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