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DuffH3 1st Anal Orange Dress Run 2019

04/06 01:00 PM

A DuffH3 Pub Crawl

Cost: $35*


No Slip Grip and Lick Hole Ah

D.U.F.F.H3 - Drinkers United For Fun Hash House Harriers - is proud to announce that we will be hosting our 1st Anal Orange Dress Pub Crawl for Multiple Sclerosis on Saturday, April 6, 2019. We figure since we’ve already hosted a GA/FL campout that a charity dress pub crawl should be easy enough! Online payment option will be available until Tuesday, April 2. COST OF THE EVENT INCREASES TO $45 AFTER MARCH 22.

It’s time to begin your search for a dress color that you know you’re dying to wear out in public - ORANGE! Do whatchu gotta do to acquire that orange dress ensemble that highlights your legs, arms, ass, or whatever you think is your best attribute. Just remember that nothing will make your dignity come back or look good! Orange will be the color of a day that will be filled with Hashers from near and far, beer, shots, beer, beer, shots, beer, fun, maybe a toe tag, possible a patch, brunch Sunday, April 7, and charitable giving.

When: Saturday, April 6, 2019 and brunch Sunday, April 7, 2019
Where: East Atlanta Village. Start location to be announced at a later date.
What to bring: Orange dress, shoes meant for walking, cash for bonus drinking and eating.
Cost: $35 until March 22, $45 after March 22.
Co-hares: No Slip Grip and Lick Hole Ah

A little about our choice of charity - Our very own No Slip Grip has been living with MS for over 20 years. Choosing The Multiple Sclerosis Center of Atlanta (92 cents of every dollar donated goes to patient care somehow) and having the MS ribbon color as our inspiration for the dress color seemed like a no brainer. So, during yet another PBR fueled night of ‘Never Leave Barstool-ing’ we decided it was game on!

As added bonuses to our 1st Anal Orange Dress Pub crawl taking place on Saturday, April 6, MILFH3 will be hashing in Atlanta on Friday, April 5 and PMSH3 will be hashing on Sunday, April 7. (These two hashes are NOT included in the pub crawl cost.)

MILFH3 Hash information - OPEN TO EVERYONE!!
When: Friday, April 5, 2019. Show at 6pm/Out at 6:30pm
Where: Near East Atlanta Village. Start location to be announced at a later date.
What to bring: Normal hashing gear. Dry clothes. Maybe clothes to go enjoy Atlanta nightlife. As always, leave your dignity outta sight!
Cost: $10 for beer, cider, and a small gimmie. EVERYONE pays.
Co-hares: Two Finger DisCUNT, No Slip Grip and her son, Rubs It Raw, who is the reason No Slip is a MILF and will also be celebrating his 16th birthday that day!

PMSH3 Hash Information - HARRIETTES ONLY!! (Fret not my hares, we get to set up the Brunch for this bunch of Harriettes, which means we get to start drinking early!!)
When: Sunday, April 7, 2019. Show at 10am/Out at 10:30am
Where: Near East Atlanta Village. Start location to be announced at a later date.
What to bring: Normal hash gear. Dry clothes. Don’t need no stinkin’ dignity!!
Cost: $10 if you do Orange Dress/$20 if you don’t. Cost includes a shiggy trail, small gimmie and a mimosa brunch. EVERYONE pays.
Co-hares: No Slip Grip and ???


Don’t know if you’ll be able to find an orange dress for D.U.F.F.H3’s 1st Anal Pub Crawl?? Have no fear! We’ve thought of that too! Tig’s Togs has designed one of her tank style dresses just for us! They will have the hash feet that say “DUFF’ and ‘ON ON’, with a DUFF beer can just for fun.

More details on dress orders here: https://www.facebook.com/events/516278018866004/

Please include the following information when paying for your dress:
Name (muggle and hash names)

PayPal dress order and money to: 6steph.dk@gmail.com

Order Cut-off - Monday, February 11, 2019. GET ON IT IF YOU WANT ONE OF THESE DRESSES!

Sizing Info - Recommend taking your men’s t-shirt size and go up one size. Go up two sizes if you have issues fitting your shoulders.

Pricing - S-L $30; XL $32; 2X $34; 3X $36; 4X $38; 5X $40

Orange Dress Pub Crawl

Orange Dress, ID, money for extra booziness, ID, spare liver, and again ID.

Location Details

East Atlanta Village -- Exact Start location TBA

33.740228, -84.345555

The Elder Tree Public House

469 Flat Shoals Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Public Event

55 Hashers cumming:

2 Finger DisCUNT

Because they’re mine!!




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