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DH3 Second Anal Nature Immersion: EMBRACE THE CHAOS! 2023

07/07 04:00 PM to 07/09 12:00 PM

A DH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $100*


Dirty Flamingo, Dibs On the Hobo, Dirty Dumpster Slut, Help Get It Up, Porkless, Panty Remover


This year’s event will be a celebration of the life of the recently passed founder of Nature Immersion: Our beloved Bermuda Triangle. Let’s honor her memory with a shig-show for the ages.

To avoid the $4.29 Pay Pal fee, make payments one of the following ways:

Payments: (Friends and Family OR it will be returned)
PAYPAL (include Hash Name)

VENMO (include Hash Name)

Pay cash to Bonnet Banger

Transfers of rego will go through me (Dirty Flamingo).

6/23 is cut off for customized gimmies.
6/30 is cut off for regos.

Fun Stuff:
Whalecum, Whalecum one and all. After a two-year hiatus from hosting our campout, we are BACK and ready for some shiggy and chaos!!

We have so much planned for you and some amazing shiggylicious trails planned. So, cum and join us for Nature Immersion mixed with Dayton’s 36th Analversary mixed with a campout weekend!! We will have food for you on Friday night, Saturday lunch on trail, and Saturday night. You are on your own for breakfasts and any snacks that you would like.


There will be some fun gimmies.

We will have beer, beer and more beer, to quench your thirst.

There will be three, possibly more, trails for your enjoyment, including Friday trail, midnight naked, shooting star, Saturday’s Nature Immersion trail, and Fatboy on Sunday.

There will be a dance party and karaoke on Saturday night, provided by Dayton’s own Blowing 7-Squirty 7 and That F*cking Guy/Abe Drinking. So, bring your dancing shoes and warm up your singing voices!!


This event is on private property (hasher) so it will be clothing optional. BUT REMEMBER, CONSENT IS SEXY! ALWAYS ASK!!

There will be a Facebook Group. So keep an eye out for an invite when you rego.

EMBRACE THE CHAOS!! (Feel free to interpret that into whatever you would like for costumes and attire!)

Tent, RV/Camper, car, hammock, camping chairs, all the hash gear, sunscreen, bug spray (DEFINITELY NEED THIS), food/snacks (that you would like outside of the meals we are serving), a sense of adventure, haberdashery to sell if you would like, and canopies, if you can. Bring a beer (6 cans, if you would like) for sharing/tasting. What NOT to Bring: Guns, Fireworks, Dogs, Kids (this is 21+ ONLY)

Location Details

Panty Remover's Farm

7481 East National Rd, South Charleston, OH

Panty Removers Farm

This is primitive camping meaning: tents, hammocks, or car, with NO electric, no running water (there is a creek though).
RV space is LIMITED and will be away from tent campers (and there is no dumping of black or gray tanks), so contact Event MM for size and specifics regarding RV’s.

7481 East National Rd, South Charleston, OH

Schedule of Events

Rego opens @ 4:00-7:00 PM (Kegs Tapped)
On-In Trail @ 7:00 PM
Friday Dinner (Pizza after trail)
Shooting Star @ 10:00 PM
Midnight Naked

Beer Yoga @ 8:00 AM
Trail (load) @ 10:30 AM (start trail @ 11:15 AM; lunch provided on trail)
Ride(s) to Camping @ 3-3:30 PM
Circle @ 4-4:30 PM
Dinner (Taco Bar) @ 6:00 PM
Beer Mile @ 7:00 PM
Beer Share/Tasting @ 8:00 PM
Dancing/Karaoke @ 8:00- Midnight? (Blowing 7 Squirty 7/That F*cking Guy)
Maybe Midnight Naked

Beer Yoga @ 8:00 AM
Fat Boy Trail @ 10:00 AM
GTFO @ 12:00 PM

Public Event

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